Face Threading

Threading is an alternate kind of facial hair removal to tweezing or waxing also involves twisting cotton thread together to pluck hairs out from the roots. Threading is suitable for a lot of people, but like all remedies has its own benefits

  •  Great for oily skin or sensitive skin
  • For people with allergies
  • Skin doesn't come into contact with any cosmetic or chemical goods
  • Since thread for decorative use ought to be 100% cotton, there are allergens present. 
  • It is Precise, and Results in Slow Regrowth


Face Waxing

Waxing is a process that leaves your face smooth and free from hair. With the proper care, you will easily see the advantages of waxing your facial hair when compared with other procedures. Waxing, at the most elementary level, uproots hairloss. This usually means it removes hair from its own root, meaning it will be  less hair grown back.


  • Compare to threading waxing is less painful
  • When compared to hair-removal options like laser hair removal, waxing is a fairly inexpensive option with long-lasting results. 
  • Fast hair removal
  • Long lasting approximately two weeks till next appointment


LVL Eyelashes

LVL is a revolutionary natural lash boosting technique assuring length, volume and lifting from six to eight weeks - with no perm or eyelash extension within sight. 
The basic distinction between LVL and eyelash perming is that, unlike perming, LVL does not curl the eyelashes. Perming loses all significant length throughout the rolling process, which causes the lash to curve back on itself somewhat. The revolutionary silicon cushion technology signifies the eyelashes are straightened and after that lifted, without compromising on span.

  • Anyone can benefit who desires volumized, brighter, more feminine eyes. 
  • A shocking impact on especially narrow eyes and that is the most efficient way to raise stubbornly straight eyelashes
  • You get a beautiful face - redheads and blonde commonly have very pale, delicate eyelashes. This will make even the longest lashes seem completely visible and curly
  • LVL therapy will darken the lashes and help specify the attention. 
  • The cost of your LVL lash therapy will be cheaper that any eyelash extensions treatment
  • If you seem to occur allergies for eyelash extension glue LVL is perfect choice as its your natural lash treatment and no glue used



Classic Mink Eyelash Extensions

Mink eyelash extensions are made from materials that help to make natural lashes look pretty natural. It's tricky to differentiate mink eyelashes from the natural lashes once they're applied correctly. You can choose from different lengths and thickness. Classic eyelash extensions add length to the natural eyelash makes more visible by lengthening their length and adding a colour to the lash. Classic lash extensions are known to be somewhat more heavy than Russian fake lashes. 

  • It creates length and not as much volume like Russian volume lashes
  • Easy removal
  • NO damage
  • Beautiful results
  • Low maintenance
  • Lightweight
  • Tailored to you
  • Short application process compare to volume lashes



Russian Volume Eyelash Extensions 

Volume Eyelash Extensions are the newest fashion in the eyelash industry.  The difference between mink lashes is that volume lashes are applied two to fourteen D. Hence of a volumized look. They are incredibly thin and only very experience lash artist can qualify to do them. Volume lashes are light and lasts 7 weeks.

Obviously, another major benefit is how they make you look and feel. You can get up in the morning and without having to apply any makeup, can look pretty good. Having the dark lashes, you never have to use mascara again.

  • Do less damage to your natural eyelashes than the classic lash extensions 
  • The most longest lasting eyelash extensions technique
  • Mega Volume Eyelash extensions are the latest service in lash industry
  • You can decide how much volume you want



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