Nails and Nail Extensions

Nail Extensions

Acrylic/Gel nail extensions  – (1H) Tips are applied to add length to the natural nails, then overlaid with acrylic and finished with top polish for finish look. Infills are required every 2-3 weeks. £26 – Book Now

Sculptured nails -( 1.4H) Gel/acrylic extensions are sculpted on a forms. Ideal for nail bitters; no or very tiny nail plate owners £38 – Book Now

Natural Nail Overlay – (1H) Acrylic/gel is applied over the natural nails to add strength. A polish is then applied for a finish look. Infills are required every 2-3 weeks. £24 – Book Now

Infills – (1H) The length of the nails is reduced (if required) the acrylic/gel is then filed down slightly before applying new acrylic/gel to fill the growth gap near the cuticle. Polish applied. £22 – Book Now

Nail Repair – £3 (per nail)

Removal – (30min) It is important to have acrylic/gel professionally removed to ensure there is no damage to the natural nails. £15 – Book Now

Natural Nail care

Gel Manicure – (40min)  Includes classic manicure and Gel colour application £22 Book Now

Gel Manicure on top of Overlays or Nail Extensions – (15min) only – £8

Gel Polish Pedicure – (40min) (Icludes Quick fix pedicure) £26 Book Now

Gel Polish on Luxury/Classic pedicure – (15min) Only £8 extra

Gel polish removal – (15min)  It is important to have Gel polish professionally removed to avoid damage to the natural nail plate.  £5 Book Now

IBX- (15min) Includes file, cuticle care and IBX treatment application.  £8

Luxury Manicure – (1H)   £28 Book Now

Quick fix Manicure – (35min) (soak+file+cuticle work+shape+buff+massage+polish)  £15

Luxury Pedicure – (1.15H) (Soak+shape+cuticlework+scrub+quickcallusremoval+paraffin wax/mask+heated botties+hand massage+polish) £32 Book Now

Classic Pedicure – (45min) (Soak+shape+buff+cutticlework+scrub+quickcalusremoval+lotion+polish) £26 Book Now

Quick Fix Pedicure – (25 min) (Shape+buff+lotion+polish) £18

Callus Removal Treatment – (20min) £10 Book Now


Nail Art

Basic Nail Designs – (30min) £10 (per 10 nail) 

Advanced Bespoke Nail Art – (1h) From £25 (per 10 nails)

French polish – (20min) £6