Massage (Ladies Only)




























 Aromatherapy (60mins) – £55 A Holistic treatment that uses the powers of essential oils to balance your body and mind, restoring a feeling of well-being. Pressure points on the face stimulate the olfactory senses of physical relaxation whilst uplifting the mind.


Feet Reflexology (35mins) – £40 – Foot Reflexology is especially useful for the treatment of related to stress problems that became bodily like irritable bowel syndrome, headaches, muscular and joint pain and some other condition which isn’t responding to conventional therapy. Followed by a cleansing scrub and clay mask. A perfect way to treat tired and sore feet leaving them soothed yet re-energised.

Relaxing Massage (50mins) – £48 Relaxing massage focuses on relieving aching muscles, relaxing tightening joints, loosening knots or simply soothing the tired body and mind. Techniques drawn from popular Swedish massage, combined with stretches and joint release, effectively aid in feeling mentally and physically relaxed.

Swedish Massage (75mins) – £65 – In most Swedish massage, the therapist lubricates the skin with massage oil and plays massage strokes. These moves muscle tissue, relieve tension, and progressively breaking up muscle knots or adhered tissues, known as adhesion. Swedish massage promotes relaxation, among other health benefits.

Sport Massage (75mins) – £70

Back, Neck, Shoulders (40mins) – £40 – The Back Neck Shoulder Massage is one of the most popular massages for women and men looking to relieve muscle and back tension that has been constructed up and exacerbated by the stress of present day living. It’s especially good for those who spend long time periods sitting by the computer or at the table, or even for individuals who suffer regular tension headaches.

Trigger Point Therapy (75mins) – £75 – The results and advantages of trigger point massage are releasing constricted areas from the muscles thus alleviating pain. You can experience a reduction in pain after just one treatment. Receiving a massage with trigger point therapy on a daily basis might help naturally handle pain and stress from chronic injuries.

Spa complementary package,on top of the bad

Face Massage (20mins) – £15

Indian Head Massage (35mins) – £30

Deep Tissue Massage 75min  – £75 – Deep tissue massage is the therapy of soft tissue structures: joints, tendons and ligaments utilizing targeted soft tissue methods. It’s the most efficient way of preventing and improving muscle soreness and may treat the discomfort or harm brought on by the stresses of life, bad posture and the consequences of the sport, restore the body to the normal well being.

Mix Any Two Massage Styles (120mins) – £95

Full Body Scrub (50mins) – £50 A full body aromatherapy scrub followed by a light massage with various stretching movements for achieving energy and renewal of dead skin in your body.