At Instabeauty our talented and professional staff is dedicated to providing you

with the most personalized spa experience. Our facial and body services are customized

for you and your specific skin type. We have carefully selected products that are both

luxurious and effective to help you look and feel your best while enjoying your time with Instabeauty.

25 minutes – £25 – BOOK NOW
Perfect when you’re short on time, but
need a quick pick- me-up. This treatment
will do just that with a deep cleansing,
invigorating scrub, hydrating mask and
massage. This abbreviated facial will have
you ready to go with a glow
50 minutes – £45 – BOOK NOW
Our traditional European Facial is designed
to provide great results while focusing on
relaxation. It includes deep cleansing,
gentle exfoliation, extractions, hydrating
mask and sedating massage. We’ll finish
with moisturizing products to leave your skin
                                                    refreshed. You will look and feel radiant!
50 minutes – £55 – BOOK NOW
This facial feels like a ray of sunshine without
the unhealthy side effects. Whether
your goal is to conquer aging or tackle
hyperpigmentation, this facial will do the
trick. The use of skin brighteners, peptides
and topical Vitamin C throughout the

treatment leaves your skin glowing!

80 minutes – £65 – BOOK NOW
An anti-acne facial focused on eliminating
acne and controlling oily skin types.
Extra emphasis is placed on extractions,
while using oil absorbing and healing
ingredients. The use of powerful exfoliators
like glycolic acid and enzymes leave your
skin noticeably different … in a good way!
It includes deep cleansing, exfoliation,
extractions, oil absorbing mask, pressure
point massage and lightweight finishing
products, leaving your skin feeling clean
and balanced.