Eyebrows and Eyelash Extensions


Eyebrow tint – £15
Eyelash tint – £15

Eyebrow waxing/threading – £10
Semi-Permanent Eyebrow extensions– £25

HD Eyebrows – £20

Eyelash Extensions

Russian Volume eyelash extensions 2D-4D (lasts up to 7weeks) – £65

6D-14D Extra Russian MEGA Volume Eyelash Extensions – £110

Russian Volume Infills (35min)– £30

Russian Volume Infills (60min)- £45

Classic Mink Eyelash Extensions (lasts up to 4weeks) – £50

Classic Mink Eyelash Infills (35min) – £30

Classic Mink Eyelash Infills (45min) – £40

Bottom Eyelash extensions – £20
Express eyelash extensions – £25

Eyelash Extension Removal – £15


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Understanding semi-permanent eyelashes

Semi-permanent eyelashes are an incredible method of facilitating the natural contour and shape of your eye. They are lash extensions that mostly last up to 12 weeks with proper infills every 2-3 weeks. However, some may even last longer according to the life time of natural lash they are adhered to.

There are various types of lash extensions found in the market. Some of them include silk, mink and synthetic with sizes ranging from 6mm to 17mm. Semi-permanent lashes are individually glued to the base of your eyelashes. This makes eyelashes much longer, thicker and has a fuller look. Depending on what you prefer, you can go from a natural look to one full on glamour. This depends with the number of lashes you have put in.

Application of semi-permanent lashes

The application process usually takes one hour and a half. The client lies down with protective patches applied around the eyes and individual eyelashes are applied at the root of the natural eyelash. This is done using specifically formulated, semi-permanent glue that neither irritates the eye nor damages the natural lash. To avoid allergic reactions, different types of glues are used depending on one’s sensitivity. A skin sensitivity test is done before application to make sure that the process goes smoothly. Note that this should only be done by licensed and qualified eyelash extensions technicians.

Semi-permanent eyelashes do not have side effects and their thickness, length and curl can always be adapted to come up with any image required. The adhesive used is safe for your eyes and has nothing that can be harmful to your lashes.

What to avoid?

One should also keep water away from lashes after touch-ups or application for about 12-24 hours. This is because water can cause lashes to fall by weakening the adhesive before it is set. For sensitive eyes, make-up removers and oil-based products should be discouraged.

Always use oil free mascara, cleanse and avoid the eye area. This will make your lashes last longer.