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Instabeauty Mobile Beauty in Cambridge

Nearly all women nowadays have some kind of beauty treatments done whether it’s painting your nails, getting a facial or body hair removal all of us do some kind of beauty treatment done weekly or monthly. So how do you decide what’s best for you with regards to getting a Mobile Beauty Therapist round or going to the local Beauty Salon. Let Instabeauty help you decide.


The Pro’s of getting a Mobile Beauty Therapist to your house:

• If your lacking in time then this will save you time.

• If you’re having a hours treatment then you’ll only use one hour of your day. You won’t have to waste time getting to from the salon.

• If you have children and you time it so they are asleep for a relaxing treatment like a Facial or a Massage or if they are relatively well behaved then things like Waxing, Manicures and Pedicures you can have done while your kids are there and you dont have to worry about arranging the cost of childcare.

• If you work long hours then your mobile beauty therapist can come to you for a time that suits you, either really early in the morning before work or late in the evening after work.

• It will cost you less.

• You do not need to worry about the extra cost of gasoline, trains, buses and parking tickets.

• You won’t have the stress of relying on public transport or traffic to make sure you’re on time.

• If your type of person who does not like to be seen without make up on their hair done then having a Therapist come to you is the perfect solution.

• You will remain relaxed for longer if you dont have to worry about getting home after your beauty treatment.

•  The therapist can do couples or groups of you which again is great if you have children as you can have a pamper party and take it in turns to look after each others kids.

• If you work from home then you can have things done, but still be checking your emails or working on your laptop at the same time as having your treatments done. For instance you might have your legs waxed while being on a conference call.

• As the treatment’s are generally cheaper with a Instabeauty Mobile Beauty Therapist if your on a budget it will be more affordable for you. In case your not on a spending budget then you might have the treatments done more on a regular basis then you’d if you was paying Salon or Spa prices.

• Salons can sometimes be noisy so if your having something relaxing like a Massage then having it home can be a more enjoyable experience.

• You will get better experience of your treatment as you build close relationship with beautician who comes to your home.

The Pro’s of going into Beauty Salon:

• If your house is small size, chaotic with children, pets, husband or mother in law its sometimes nice to get away.

• If you dont like the idea of a new person or a stranger coming to your house then beauty salon might be better solution.

• When you leave home and going to professional spa with lovely saunas and swimming pools it can feel more of a treat.


As you can see Mobile Beauty Salon Instabeauty Cambridge is more convenient, cheaper, organic and you get less to worry about daily stress getting Instabeauty Mobile Beautician to your house. Book Online above or Call Us 01223750331 to inquire Today!