7 Steps To Perfect HD Brows


They say your eyes are the windows to your soul

The 7 steps are the following. 
1. Consultation 
This helped you and a stylist to determine which brow shape would best fit your face, what color your brows should be and the usual filling from a form with my basic details and allergies.

2. Tinting 
In case you’ve thin, or more plucked brows, you don’t need to worry since the consultant will tint your brows to match with your own hair or natural color.
3. Waxing 
Next step is waxing. Waxing around the eye region is relatively pain free. You can use a specially made wax to ensure it doesn’t pull or hurt the epidermis, that is used to create the arch and start the whole forming process.

4. Trimmed
Brows are then combed through and trimmed to ensure they are same and the exact same length. A bit just like a twin sisters!
5. Threading 
Using very fine cotton, threaded just above your brow to combine the hairs in naturally to the rest of your face. If you haven’t had this before, it’s weird sensation. It doesn’t hurt but makes a humorous noise and is somewhat uncomfortable.

6. Tweezing
This is the most eye-watering part of the procedure in our view, but because you had waxed and threaded already, there isnt much left to pluck out, just the odd hair every now and then.
7. Aftercare 
Beautician advice aftercare and fills in brows with HD brow kit. She also givs some HD Brows serum, which should help to nourish weak hair follicles and speed up hair growth on the areas you have over-plucked. She then finished off with a sprinkle of mineral make-up to take down the bitterness, so that you could return to work without people noticing you had your brows beautified. There’s nothing worse than walking around with bright reddish eyebrows from the waxing and threading.