Mobile eyelash extensions Cambridge: Winter aftercare

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Winter Eyelash Extension Care.






Eyelash extensions are extremely durable. Once applied to your natural lash, the extensions stays in till your natural lash sheds or fall over time, which are normal and happens naturally.

In the winter months, the time frame to your natural lash cycle basically remains the same, but the dry weather may have an impact. Dry skin may affects the condition of your natural eyelashes, making them to fall more often than at other times of the year. Probably the most crucial factors in keeping the standard of your eyelash extensions comes in maintaining a healthful skincare routine all year long. A healthful skincare routine involves using plenty of moisturizer through the year.

Well hydrated skin leads to stronger, far healthy natural lashes. With stronger natural eyelashes, your eyelash extensions have a stronger base to hold onto and ought to last longer during periods of extreme winter weather. Take these guidelines into account when planning your winter eyelash extension maintenance routine:

Avoid rubbing your eyes with your hands or towel. Gently dab your eyes in order to prevent losing or damaging eyelash extensions. Wait till the eyelash extension adhesive has set completely before going for a swim or sitting in a hot sauna. Give eyelashes time to dry and after that you will be good to go! Avoid using any petroleum on your eyelashes, because these may break down and harm the adhesive.

Eat healthy. A healthful body generates healthy eyelashes. By eating foods which are full of vitamins and proteins A, B, E and C, this helps encourage lashes which are fitter and stronger. Remove makeup nightly. Whilst it might be tempting to just fall into bed without removing your makeup during the night, resist the temptation. When eye makeup slips on lashes, they might become brittle and dry, that could lead to breakage. Like any season of the year, it is important to take decent care of your eyelash extension, along with your entire body and skin.

Our natural eyelashes have a tendency to dry and become more brittle in winter season due to the very low humidity. Nevertheless, as us lash addicts know, OIL IS THE NATURAL ENEMY OF EYELASH EXTENSIONS. So it is a no-go for these old fashioned lash remedies in the event you are wearing extensions.
Try natural growth serum that provides nutrition and humidity into the hair follicle, boosting healthful, thick eyelash development. It comprises plants and herbal extracts that promotes hair growth by increasing circulation/blood circulation to the topical area. You’ll see results after 4-six weeks of daily use. Actually it, really works. You may get some of this powerful lash growth product. Another tip to help keep your natural lashes healthy is to make sure you are eating a healthful diet, with lots of minerals and vitamins, particularly protein that promotes hair and nail growth.

If your breakfast usually consists of a double espresso, and dinner is often canapé, at some work function a thing, it is safe to say you could be lacking from the mineral department. So I urge nutritional supplement. In case you’ve been wearing eyelash extensions continuously through summer, as many individuals do, winter could be a good time to have a new set done. In case you’ve been wearing an extremely long or thick set all summer and your eyelashes are not naturally thick, then possibly try a slightly lighter set for a couple of weeks, or select for our silk lashes which are a little more light weight. This way you can make sure your natural lashes will stay in tip top condition all year!.