What Are Gel Nail Extensions: Gel Nails in Cambridge

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Gel Nails are the most popular latest technology. Many Instabeauty Cambridge clients are getting gel nail extensions with a gel polish on top. Recent months it has been a bg rush for gel nails – Gemma nail tech from Instabeauty explains.

Gel nail extensions are made by glueing a synthetic tip onto the edge of your nail to give it added length. The tip doesn’t cover the whole natural nail, just the top half. The fake extension tip is cut down to a desired length and shaped. You can select whether or not to have a natural colored tip or a white tip.

Natural tips are blended into the nail, whereas white tips are to create a perfect smile line. Layers of clear gel are then painted on to add strength, and cured under a UV lamp until hard.

A pink and white application is substantially the same, except pink is used over the nailbed, and white gel can be applied to extend the natural nail. So long as you’ve it in-filled and rebalanced on a regular basis, it need never grow out. You might have a manicure look…. . Forever.


gel applied ona natural nail and shaped. No false tip or sculptured nail added to the nail.

Advantages of both Extensions & Overlays:

Adds strength.
Adds length.
They could encourage clients to stop biting their natural nails
They can be worn long-term or short-term to match Customers needs
Prevents the fingernails from splitting or breaking
If a customer has difficulty growing their fingernails, extensions may be used whilst the real one grow. When it gets to the preferred span, overlays could be worn instead to ensure they remain long and robust
To get the maximum from your nail extensions, and also to keep them looking their best, it is your liability to look after them accordingly

After Care and Advice:

Don’t use polish remover that contains acetone on extensions or natural overlays, as the acetone might dissolve the gel depends on the brand. Use an acetone-free polish remover
Every 2-3 weeks, have in-fills
Don’t utilize the nails as ‘tools’ or treat them roughly as you could lead them to break
Use a cuticle cream or oil daily to help nourish your nail as it grows. Should you do that it will be far far healthy should you decided to get it removed.
Gently clean under the free edge.
Use a top coat on the gel that contains a UV block, as sun and sunbeds can cause the employed gel to yellowish. If utilizing a sun bed, employ an appropriate topcoat before your appointment, then remove the topcoat with an acetone-free polish remover following the sun bed, then employ a brand new coat of topcoat
Use gloves while washing up, gardening, doing housework, with hair dyes or self tan
Don’t bite or pick at the extensions or tips, or attempt to pull them off
If lifting happens book an appointment to get maintenance completed, as dirt can become trapped beneath extension.
Contra-indications to Nail Enhancements:

what’s a contra-indication?

Bitten nails — they don’t let a sufficient plate to the adhesion of a suggestion.
Bacterial or fungal infections.
Skin around the fingernail.
Cuts and abrasions in a certain area.
Bruised nails.