Eyebrow Microblading in Cambridge by Instabeauty

iStock-842438594.jpgNot everybody is blessed with eyebrows like Lily Collins and Cara Delevingne. While drawing them on each day works for many people, others need a longer lasting result. For many years, semi tattoo designs and hair transplants were the 2 solutions on offer. There are cons and pros to both treatments. Input eyebrow microblading, is a brand new semi permanent technique that’s promising to revolutionise our strategy to brows.

BRITAIN is becoming more and more obsessed with eyebrows, following decades of plucking left a number of those looking a little thin in the eyebrow department. If you are considering a solution to painstakingly drawing on your brows on daily basis, these are the remedies available – and also how long they last.

What’s eyebrow microblading? 

Eyebrow Microblading is done by manually adding pigment into the top layers of the skin to provide the impression of fullness and contour to the eyebrows. It’s done through a blade so strokes are sharp and crisp. The results of the method should appear natural.

And can it be any different to conventional eyebrow tattooing? What’re the benefits?  The outcomes lasts longer than traditional therapies. The pen supplies a realistic end because the shots are thicker and bolder in the root and taper off to the tip like natural hair could.

How does semi permanent make-up work?

Semi permanent makeup entails having pigment implanted to the skin with a needle that is fine – comparable to a tattoo design, but the process is not as painful, the ink, used is usually vitamin based and the results aren’t permanent. With regards to having eyebrow microblading done, a tech will take six dimensions on your brow bone to make out the ideal shape for your brows. The process takes between one and a half to 2 hours and also a minimum of one touch up will be necessary to get your ultimate result.

The recovery process is fast – but final results might not be observable until several months after your appointment due to the skin heals. The results won’t wash off and usually last for a few years – but may be maintained and retained for longer with touch ups one annually.

What other eyebrow processes are there?

Other popular approaches with regards to fostering brows include Hi Brows, eyebrow extensions or just plain old eyebrow stencilling. Hi-def Brows is a technique of preening, shaping, tinting and waxing the brows to provide a perfect end – results are remarkable, but you want to make them every four months on average.

Brow extensions helps boost thinning brows where natural eyebrows are sparse. The extensions give a defined brow and results also last for a couple of weeks. For all those after an easier, regular option, brow stencilling may be done at home with a handy stencil and yours pick of eyebrow pencil, gel or powder. Results come with a make-up remover. Gone are the days when the eyebrow tattoo designs meant cartoonish black traces. Looking at the very first tide of forehead tattoos, it is hard to believe that the treatment was approved to be used. The ending result looked like it’d was drawn on with a Sharpie.