Wedding Prom Hairstyles: Cambridge Mobile Hairdresser in Cambridgeshire

Bride in wedding dress with crown in interior. Blonde

Fancy your curls for prom?
Prom hairstyles with curls can be elegant and playful at the same time. Regardless if you work with your natural texture or create curls with rollers or a curling iron, these fresh looks will make the most out of your ringlets.



Ideas for Prom Hairstyles with Curls

While many women spend their life time fighting curls, others embrace their kinky locks with stylish results. Whether your curls are natural, you can try out a wide range of beautiful styles for the perfect prom look.

Down and Loose
No matter your hair length, loose and unrestricted curls are playful and romantic and set you apart from a room full of straight hair styles. In case you’ve challenges with your hair, ensure you plan plenty of time to meet with your stylist to consider a brand new cut that supports your curl. Long layers, hair highlights help balance the weight and volume of curly hair making air-dry styling a breeze.

Curly Updos
Curly updos add texture and volume to otherwise classic styles, making the timeless French twist intriguing and the graceful bun organic and artful. If you desire a loose updo, consider working your hair into a knot, ball, or twist and allowing loose pieces to gently fall. Curly updos look best when locks are permitted to move freely, as opposed to be limited into a shape. have a look at some of your favored updo inspirations, and after that apply them to your style with less structure and shape. If you plan on having your stylist create your curly updo, discuss any one of those curly hair appropriate options at your visit:

Curly twist
Curly loose bun
Curly chignon
Textured braids
Casual Curls
If you love the look of bohemian styles, then you’ve plenty of choices for curly prom looks. Loose traditional or fishtail braids add a wispy and carefree look to your prom style, perfect if you’re wearing a simple maxi dress. Try air-drying your curls and after that pull them aside into a distinctive side braid for a style that’s distinctive and on trend.

Half-up and Down Styles. For the classic curly hair girl, you cannot beat a half-up, half less ball style. Simply secure locks at the rear of the head with an ornate clip or barrette and freshen locks with a wide barrel curling iron. This look is straightforward and romantic and working with a wide range of gowns and necklines. To add a modern twist, consider adding some feathers to your style, or save it fairytale inspired by a little pearl or flower headband as an accent. Play with Accessories. Regardless of what curly style of embroidery hair do you choose, ensure you accessorize to add extra pizzazz to your look.

There are a number of hair jewelry and accessories that may pull together your entire look and compliment your dress design. Simply figure out your style, and find pieces that go with it to create a head to toe ensemble. Loose feathers and beads create an artful look, while romantic flora and butterflies create whimsy. A traditional accessory might includes a rhinestone hair comb or a headband accented with pearls. Curls are romantic, flirtatious, and beautiful.