Microblading Eyebrows in Cambridge

MICROBLADING. Painless Eyebrow Transformations That Last Up To a Year! Microblading is a permanent forehead therapy that’s carried out with a specialised manual hand tool which holds disposable microblades, and implants color onto the skin. No machines. No needles! At Instabeauty semi permanent makeup practice in Cambridge we’ve developed a procedure that’s completely individual and personalized for you. We would like you to have the best eyebrows you have always dreamed of and which are ideal for YOUR confront. Every microblading eyebrow therapy we make for our clients in Cambridge is personalized. There’s not any one size fits all where brows are concerned.

Throughout your custom consultation we’ll establish what you expect to achieve from your forehead therapy, we’ll also get a notion of your make-up routine and way of life. Do you draw your eyebrows on regular or simply special occasions? . Do you enjoy eyebrows or do you prefer something more subtle? . Lots of our customers have overplucked eyebrows that in the past have been the fashion and want a fuller eyebrow. We may make subtle to defined and whatever in between. Our Cambridge based microblading consultation procedure helps us to determine what is best for YOU. We’d suggest bring in a photo of your ideal eyebrow or of yourself before over tweezing therefore we could do our best to make it for you, but face shape, size and bone construction all play a role in our eyebrow design so bare this in mind.

This is also our time to be very realistic with you on what we could achieve. We never over promise, but in the same time, we could attain a good deal! After we determine the ideal, customized form for you, we then draw it on using a brow pencil so that you get a notion of the form and the best color of the enhancement before we start. The results are made to look super natural. While a permanent eyebrow tattoo design is thick, unnatural looking strong lineup, explains Instabeauty microblading expert Alexandra, with a microblading needle we’ve more control over what we’re doing.

The ending result, she says, is crisp, hairlike strokes. It may be a solution for a broad range of issues. While individuals with thin brows are the most typical microblading candidates, Alexandra says, I have individuals with quite beautiful, envy worthy eyebrows come to me. These customers usually just want to correct some asymmetry, or perfect the look they already have. Give yourself more time for the appointment to ensure the best results. A normal appointment is around 2 hours, Alexandra says, but the true microblading only happens in the last 15 to 30 minutes. Prior to taking needle to confront, I take a lot of measures, says Alexandra. We draw a diagram and it is very much a conversation because I want the customer to be completely comfortable before moving on to the next step.


If anymore questions or wanting to book an a beautiful new brow appointment please book on 01223750331 or http://www.instabeauty.co.uk