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 Reflexology is a holistic therapy based on the principle that there are areas and points on the legs, hands, and ears which map via the nerve system to corresponding portions of the body. When pressure is applied to these areas and points it arouses the movement of energy along the nerve stations, and can help to restore homeostasis In the entire body. Reflexology is known as zone therapy in nations other than the United Kingdom. Our bodies are intricate and are capable of healing themselves, anything from a small cut or itching to some major injury or psychological trauma.

Systems and organs within the body are continuously working together to heal and repair. Examples may be the mind and rest of the nerve system, which can be in control of much of our action, and the circulatory system, which carries nutrients and oxygen To the cells of the body to be converted to energy. Energy is vital for our well being and to keep going. On Site Remedies Massage, Corporate Days. Each of the systems need to be working together nicely to maintain a balance.

Disease, trauma, or stress may cause the equilibrium to be interrupted when component parts are effective. Problems can then be compounded by that the rest of the human body works harder to compensate, possibly causing difficulties at other components. There are 7, 000-7, 200 Nerve terminations in the human foot, and every one of those is a point that corresponds to some human body part. Reflexology uses special finger/thumb Manipulation to stimulate reflex points, that will trigger the flow of energy into the corresponding body part. This gradually can help to restore homeostasis and stimulate the body’s capacity to heal itself, physically and emotionally. Because reflection points are minute, the motions are precise and care has to be taken to cover all of them to make sure that the treatment is complete and for that reason a holistic therapy for the entire body.

But, there’s no reason why a particular reflex point Can not be worked on more if an imbalance is detected. Imbalances are manifested through crystals in the affected reflex point, which vary from being slightly crunchy like sugar to bumps of varying dimensions. Dispersing these crystals is what unblocks energy stations, and that is done by applying firm pressure with the thumb. Signs of imbalance might Be strong skin, discolouration of skin, marks on the foot, and bunions. The odor, temperature, and moistness of the feet also plays a role in assessing it. It’ll frequently Take several procedures to awaken the reflexes and begin to see some effect.

Reflexologists know which area of the foot corresponds to that body part by studying maps of the legs, plantar view, dorsal view, and medial and lateral views. There are 5 longitudinal zones on each foot which run from each one of the toes directly up throughout the entire Body at the top of the head. Zone 1 runs from the big toe up throughout the center of the Body at the top of the head, zone 2 from the next toe, and so forth ending with area 5 running from the small toe up the outside body at the shoulders and neck.

There are then horizontal zones which map out that cross section of the body corresponds to reflex points in that area.