Cambridge Aromatherapy Massage


Aromatherapy massage is a more beautiful way to express caring and help alleviate the strain of a loved one. The advantages of aroma-therapy massage can be enjoyed through self massage therapy. Aromatherapy Massage in Progress On its own, the advantages of massage are so many. Massage helps improve circulation in the massage area, also it can help to stimulate muscles. Subsequently, this might help improve mobility and flexibility. Massage can significantly reduce stress and relieve tension. Massage might help decrease headaches/migraines, cramps and spasms. Massage can also be said to improve the immunity system by stimulating the limbic system and the release of toxins.

Essential oils are contained in the naturally occurring chemical constituents within the botanical that they’re distilled from. The classification of esters, for instance, found in Lavender and Ancient Rome Chamomile essential oils are equally naturally sedating/relaxing and anti inflammatory.

Essential oils aren’t greasy feeling, are extremely aromatic and are different than vegetable oils.

Combining essential oils with a carrier oil may promote relaxation, reduce stress and/or Helps to improve circulation and decrease swelling and pain. Some vital oils act like aphrodisiacs and may help set the mood for massage sessions. Some massage oils contain artificial mineral oil which may potentially impair the skin’s capability to breath. Instead, select a natural vegetable oil as the massage oil base and as a transport oil for essential oils. Natural vegetable oils might help to moisturize, Moisturizes and nourish the skin with essential fatty acids along with other important fatty acids, anti oxidants along with other crucial nutritives .

The crucial factor which sets aroma-therapy apart from other holistic treatments is the use of essential oils, oils which have been utilized for centuries, as long ago as 2, 600 BC in China. They’re the basis of a plant processed in concentrated oil type. The majority of the credit for the way we utilize essential oils today goes to Rene Maurice Gattefosse. He was the first person to use the word aroma-therapy for massage with essential oils. He used Oil on the wounds of soldiers during WW1, also discovered the wonderful curative power of lavender. He was also the first person to realize that essential oils are absorbed into the bloodstream By massaging them into the skin.

Dr Jean Valnet picked up where Gattefosse left off, treating soldiers with horrible injuries in WW2. Thereafter he used essential oils like a physician, to help cure patients. He utilized basil to help regulate the menstrual period, along with Cypress for cough and bronchitis. In France cough sweets were once made from cypress cones. Aromatherapy essential oils, aromatherapy blends. The individual who brought aroma-therapy In Britain was Madame Marguerite Maury. She was a biochemist born in Austria, who married a physician and homeopath. She became enchanted with the usage of essential oils for purposes, also was a pioneer of aroma-therapy in France. In the late 50s Ms. Mori came to England to give a series of lectures on massage techniques. She then opened a practice in London and educated aroma-therapy to other therapists.