Why mobile beauty overcoming beauty salons

What springs to mind whenever you listen to the words mobile beauty,? You will be forgiven for thinking it is about dodgy perms and make-up purchased out of an automobile boot. But due to a brand new wave of companies thinking about contemporary decorative treatments in the comfort of your very own home, it is time to forget old fashioned notions of beauty salon trips. Smudged nails after manicure appointment, rain dodging following a blow dry, freezing toes from needing to head out wearing flip flops following a pedicure, leaving a massage just to have to squeeze yourself on a packed Tube, or bus these really are couple of common inconveniences that may occur following A visit to the beauty salon, all of which may be eradicated by moving to your very own abode.


The beauty services industry has this year undergone something of transformation with the likes of  Priv, Perfect 10, Return to Glory and “Instabeauty Cambridge” all supplying like for like remedies at an area of your choosing – from the traditional beauty solutions of manicures, massages and fake tans, to more unusual ones like one-to one fitness sessions.

Clientele is diverse – from busy professionals to the salon bashful women and wedding parties. Apart from the convenience factor, another important cause of the rise in popularity of at home beauty solutions is technology. Immediate access to online solutions on mobile phones has led to a shift in consumer behavior, they now feel entitled to a simple and effective experiences, hoping products and services delivered on demand. Slick mobile applications Are equal for a course with them solutions, many of which work with GPS navigation technology to find your nearest beautician, allowing virtually immediate access to the therapy of your choice.

Round the clock solutions are not around just yet, but prolonged hours will be another benefit, whether it’s 9am blow dries on Monday or a 8pm massage on Sunday. Though mostly Cambridge based, services are gradually expanding into the remainder of the nation, Instabeauty Cambridge Massage also covers 15 miles from Cambridge areas. And as for cost factors, far from paying a premium for the convenience of getting everything brought to you personally, pricing is highly competitive. Expect to pay around £1 per minute for remedies, At the height of your regular salon.