Japanese Manicure: Strengthen Natural Nails

Detox the nails and be natural! A distinctive new Japanese Manicure based on a process used 400 years ago by the aristocratic ladies of Japan. This manicure gives you glow, redness and strength to your very own natural nails without any synthetic chemicals! To help all the good ingredients penetrate the natural nails we use calfskin. All of the natural ingredients like pearl powder, rice milk, vitamins, beeswax, lanolin, glycerol, paraffin and natural silicon earth penetrate the nail, which it’s been filed, the cuticles were removed, hand exfoliation and a massage was done. The technique of massage under high pressure pumps the blood into nails that nourish, strengthen and moisturize them, make them grow faster and healthier. It is the ideal detoxification treatment for them who want to give their nails a break from chemicals such us gel or polish. In addition Ideal for dry and week nails. It gives a healthful shiny look that lasts for fourteen days.


 Do you like to have an absolutely natural treatment? . Here’s your treatment. All natural. How does it works? . Beautiful, natural nails covered with distinctive shine of pink pearl. Japanese manicure strengthens the natural nail surface, adds a beautiful gloss, seals up the nail plate, and provides a natural nourishment. The preparation consists of: vitamin A + E, keratin, bee pollen, and silica from the Japanese see.

Japanese manicure is recommended specifically for nails which are brittle, fragile, splitting and not smooth. The therapy is based on a subtle massage with the use of a nutritional paste in the surface of the nail. The next thing is to secure the paste with a layer of powder, which sustains the supplements from the paste inside the nail after it’s washed away. As and additional effect, the nail gains an exceptional natural gloss, which lasts so long as fourteen days. Following the treatment is conducted it’s recommended to avoid painting the nail for about 4-5 days, since the adhesion of the polish on this period is strongly limited. It’s recommended to combine a Japanese manicure with a biological manicure because it fully uncovers the pure beauty of the nails. The treatment lasts about half a hour and it should be repeated every 2-3 weeks in order to supplement the nutritional components.