How To Take Off Acrylic Nails


How do you take off acrylic nails?

Just a quick blog of how acrylic nail extensions removal works






Remove by filing them down and cutting, then soaking them in acetone. This requires the very least of half an hour or so. You want a rag, a nail block, warm water, aluminium foil, acetone, olive or almond oil and cotton pads.

Cut and file nails
Cut the acrylic nails down. File the nail surface. This speeds up the removal procedure and starts to break the acrylic.
Soak cotton pads
Till the pads are completely wetted soak cotton pads in acetone. 10 pads are needed by you.
Put cotton pads on the nails
Put a cotton pad on the nail of each finger.
Wrap your fingertips in aluminum
Wrap a bit of foil around the cotton pad as well as your fingertips. So long as atmosphere is blocked out by the aluminium, the acrylic is broken down by the acetone. Leave the foil on your nails for 30 minutes.
Wipe your nails off on a rag
Take away. Wipe your fingernails off on a rag to get rid of the acrylic that is dissolved.
Repeat the procedure
Soak the pads in acetone again if acrylic stays, spot on your fingertips and wrap in aluminium foil. Keep the aluminium on for another half an hour or so. Repeat for another 20 minutes if acrylic stays.
File deposits away
Use a nail file to get rid of any deposit that is acrylic.
Wash and oil your fingernails
Clean your hands and fingernails. Rub olive or almond oil to the nails in order to rejuvenate them after the exposure to acetone and acrylic.

All Done! 🙂