Beauty Secrets: Best Cambridge Beauty Salon


Is hot weather providing the attractiveness blues to you? Don’t fret! Sometimes frozen facial or a chilly rinse is when things start to dull, exactly what the doctor ordered. Icing your skin is thought to improve circulation as well as ward off wrinkles. Additionally, it’s refreshing after spending a day in a hot sunshine. Below are a few tricks to attempt with ice the next time you’re in an exposed sun !

Easter Bunny Ears Woman
Shrink A Zit
Holding ice on a pesky pimple is a no-fuss solution to get out the red. Ice might even alleviate the pain associated with acne, and reduces inflammation. Envelop a cube in a ziplock baggie (a rough towel can break painful skin), hold from the affected region for five to 10 minutes, and tell that zit to cool!

De-Puff Eyes
Harsh night? While you wait around for the morning java to brew reach for an ice cube. Wrap a cube in a washcloth and make you look and feel more attentive, and holding on the eyes can reduce early morning puffiness. To get a more powerful effect, freeze cubes of store, or caffeinated black tea sliced cucumbers on ice to maintain you feeling fresh.

Prime Skin
Run an ice cube over your face, focusing on regions with enlarged pores before patting on base. The cold water will cause pores to reduce in size as well as minimize their look under makeup. Icing these places ahead of your application of a primer can give extra-smooth results.

Scrub Away
To get a skin-brightening pick me up, make a Do it yourself polar scrub by mixing fruits or vegetarianism (such as cucumber, garden strawberry or mango) with water and freezing in ice cube trays. Lightly rub a fruity cube over your face as part of your weekly facial after frozen. The chunky feel will exfoliate as the ice melts right into a slush that is succulent.