beauty treatments Cambridge: Facial, do it yourself!

 I think we are becoming more global in the way we think about beauty. Particularly Asian women have seen the advantage of fabric masks for decades, so it is a natural progression in the west.


Why do we love fabric(white paper) face masks so much? They are calming, inexpensive, and effective. And they are progressively launching in a counter near you. The masks have the potential to achieve a broad demographics. Younger females are now looking at skincare from a preventative, not corrective, viewpoint. These one use paper masks are made to target a broad range of skin concerns from fine lines, wrinkles, and aging to dryness, uneven texture, and a large pores.

Unlike gloppy creams and clays, the technology backed delivery system of sheet masks are what truly make them stick out. A fabric mask easily soaks up the skincare ingredients its packaged with, however it still allows the skin to soak up the item with no evaporation or exterior influences. An active comprised of vitamins, amino acids, and minerals derived from fermented sheet we buying shops.
When nearly all women do not have the funds to support a monthly spa visit, these masks, priced at £2 to £5 a sheet, are an incredible deal for a Do it yourself spa day. When compared with other treatments, we found that the sheet has a comforting, calming impact on our appearance and our brain. Perhaps it is the weight of the mask itself or the immediate cooling sensation, but one cannot help, but unwind for at least 20 minutes.Your facial muscles loosen up, the stress lifts off your face, it is as you went on a mini holiday!

Could you unplug 3 times a week for a pre packaged Do it yourself facial? If not Call Instabeauty Cambridge beauticians today and we will not just do a full facial for you, we will show you how to do it yourself on a daily basis! Book Now!