gel polish pedicure near me: Why choose gel nails

14925577_1861959847370795_5516329599226095841_nI wanted to speak a bit about gel polish. Some people still don’t know the benefits of having a gel manicure \/ pedicure. Gel polish isn’t just for the natural nail. We’ve awesome results on acrylic nails. Simply put, gel polish lasts! Not only does it not chip like regular polish, it does not wear off, and the shine is amazing throughout the length of your manicure. Gel polish over the natural nail also provides a small strength to the nail. It’s thicker then regular polish, but isn’t an enhancement. You do not come in with short nails and leave with long.

It merely goes on top adding strength permitting your nails to grow. Over acrylic nails the advantage is the wear and the shine. It does not chip or wear at the tip. Your polish stays shiny till your 2 week infill. It’s so essential to keep your infills EVERY TWO WEEKS, but we’ll save that for another blog. Although the nails will look perfect in two weeks excluding the growth you still need fills EVERY TWO WEEKS!

How annoying is it to go to the nail salon get a pedicure just as it to get dulled chipped or ruined when in the beach or on holidays? The sand files off your polish does it not? How ether Not with gel! Your pedicure will look incredible and shiny the entire length of your pedicure. Another benefit is it’s DRY whenever leave your nail salon. Not only top dry, dry through and thru since it’s cured under a Light-emitting diode light, no smudges.

Dig into your purse and start your vehicle, it’s not going to budge! Does it ruin your nails? Here is the truth, something over your nails for an amount of time, acrylics, polish or gel may dry your nail. In the natural nail only on a glossy layer is roughed somewhat for added adhesion. Nevertheless, if you peel the gel off simply as if you peel polish it may take off layers. The trick is to eliminate it the right way. Let us face it: the cause people go to the nail salon is to have a better search nails or assist their nails to grow since honestly their nails alone are not the strongest plus they have a tendency to peel and chip to start with. The gel may give the strength to get the duration, but isn’t going to do your nails stop doing what they’ve always done. Call INSTABEAUTY Cambridge Beauticians this week. We’ve an amazing new type of gel colours and it’s an excellent time to try it!.