Swarovski, feather, coloured, eyelash extensions: choose the best eyelash extension type


From Swarovski crystals to real mink fur, it appears as if false lashes have gone couture over the last decade. And now that feather hair extensions are formally a trend of the previous, what do we do with our stockpile? Wear them on our eyes, of course! While we adore the myriad textures and designs, we also love the weightless feel of those kinds of lashes. Application is a breeze, and we never get that droopy impact most false lashes may have. Peacock happens to be the hot feather of choice, but we are a fan of each form and color. We are crazy about false eyelashes. however this trend can be easy to Do it yourself for Beauties who already wiped out the fishermen’s supply store. With only feathers, scissors, and lash adhesive, eyes may take flight.

Feathered falsies are the ideal way to raise your eyes aflutter, but is the look also remarkable for you?

Fake feathered lashes are a great accessory to add for a dress-up party or exotic birds inspired costumes. Super bright coloured eye shadow and extra long feathered lashes make a declaration. Use these colours as inspiration for many brightly coloured lids. Blinged out lashes might seem a little expensive, but really look like small raindrops on your eyes. Find false lashes with small deposits and apply them to both your top and lower lashes.

Super long eyelashes are always chic and fun to need replacing. Make your eyes appear even bigger with lots of black mascara, eye shadow and eye liner.