nail bars in cambridge

Spicing up your manicure is interesting, however what should you do not need to add stick on jewels and trinkets, or cover them with images of Prince William? There are a lot of methods to give your fingers an intriguing touch, and making a standout nail is simple and enjoyable. We have seen this effect on stars like Katy Perry and Lauren Conrad

The manicure of springtime is undoubtedly more than meets the eye. Opalescent chiffon metallic weaves, and manipulated materials give an otherworldly to apparently natural nails.

The airbrushed lattice impact on the nails at Joy Cioci gave an additional force of feel to see-through, clear tipped nails. Retro brights are simply as popular for 2012. Colors of coral, yellow, and offbeat orange fit your chosen swingin 1960 look. Like we saw at Karen Walker match a brilliant creamy pink with saturated orange tips or tone things made with mustard mani. Lazy summer days are the greatest, particularly when you’ve all of the time in the globe to do practically nothing.

Why don’t you take the time during these minutes of nothingness and snazzy your nails up with summer layouts that are hot? We locate three fantastic nail tutorials which will motivate you to go wild and daring this summer! The marble nail technique requires patience and time, but the results are stunning.  Please keep reading our blogs for soon to come nail color, style advice for this season.