manicure and pedicure in your home

Stumped on which tools you need to get an ideal manicure and pedicure? Read on for Instabeauty top 5 tools for toes and your points.

Hands with pink matte manicured nails holding a heart

Glass File
Sick of your emery boards? Buy glass file and you’ll never be without a nail-shaping tool again! Glass files give a smoother advantage than steel or emery -textured boards, plus they reduce carving, peeling, and chipping. The glass file is an excellent investment as it never wears down (the glass is forever etched!). However, glass can break, so be careful and don’t drop this.

Cuticle Nipper
For all those pesky hangnails, possess some of nippers on hand. A lot of people go mad on their cuticles with this tool, however don’t around nip (and see our cuticle attention suggestions for appropriate trimming protocol)!

Round Cuticle Pusher
On the nail bed, make use of a round cuticle pusher for weekly cuticle care. A round shape instead of a sq? The curved design of the pusher takes off extra skin without additional scraping or damage to your nail bed and contours to the nail better.

4-Way Buffer
To get an instant mini-mani, a 4-way buffer is really your bet. Each side was made to file, buff, and shine your nails to perfection within minutes. The bonus? These cost less than £2 at the local beauty supply store , like superdrug or boots.

Orange Sticks/Toothpicks
From clean-up to application, orange sticks really are a manicurist’s multipurpose wonder. You could use these to clean up extra polish on the skin, as well as to apply stickers or glitter, nail water marbling, for paint designs. In the event that you don’t have orange sticks around, keep at least a smattering of toothpicks in your kit for similar results.