What are Eyebrow Extensions

What if you haven’t  got naturally thick beautiful eyebrows or you have fallen into a  victim to over pluckage eyebrows owner (like a 90’s style ?Say Aye!)  Well there is a remedy.


Now although we all went cray for lash extensions when they became a matter we have found the holy grail of beauty treatments that were transformative. Say hello to brow extensions!

Eyebrows only continue getting larger. Fact. So what is a girl if she has not been blessed with thick and bushy eyebrow game to do? We have got some good news if this is you. Instabeauty Cambridge is the best choice for you to finally get those desired gorgeous looking eyebrows.
The newest treatment uses individual hairs expand the eyebrow line to generate volume and texture comparable to that of natural eyebrows and to fill in gaps. Really fine individual hairs applied with a clear adhesive that is water resistant, flexible and comfortable and are set carefully over the eyebrow line. Powder and forget about unpleasant lines smudges.

Can anyone have eyebrow extensions?

The only folks who can’t have eyebrow extensions are individuals taking any kind of oral steroid drug or external or anyone getting cancer treatment. They are in a position to get eyebrow extensions once treatment has been completed by a cancer patient. Those who have problems with alopecia also can possess the treatment, so long as they haven’t been lately diagnosed.

How long do they last?

They are able to last up to 10 days when they can be attached to present eyebrow hairs and they are able to last up to FIVE days, when attached to the skin.

How should you care for your eyebrows after?

The extensions need to be kept dry for twenty four hours and you’ll require to prevent all steam or heat treatments for 48 hours. As this might reduce their lifespan, all fatty products has to be avoided on and around the extensions. You brush or should never pick the extensions and ensure that you return to a pro in the event you intend to have them removed.

Could you wear brow pencil/shadow/gel with them?

It’s possible for you to Use an oil free powder to simply help keep the extensions whenever you start to lose them. This is supposed to be patted to the eyebrows and not brushed on.

What type of look could be performed with eyebrow extensions?

We always advise customers to work with their natural eyebrow contour as every individual differs although most appearances might be performed with the extensions as well as your face isn’t at all times symmetrical. We want to say your brows are sisters not twins!.