Could nail polish stop sexual assaults?


Could nail polish really be utilized as an instrument to stop sexual assaults? That is what one group of pupils State University of North Carolina is expecting in development chemistry with their polishes. The concept is really straightforward: you wear it like another nail polish, swirl your finger in the cocktail next man brought you and if the polsh changes color, throw the drink and call the cops, becouse you possibly have been drugged. Very little science exists for their detection while date rape drugs in many cases are used to facilitate sexual assault.

Aim is to devise technology that empower girls to guard themselves from this heinous  pervasive offense.  Numerous factory outlets shunned the notion saying that such products place the obligation on the sufferer to prevent rape and take the focus off the offenders themselves. Others said because there are plenty of date rape drugs out there that it would be impossible to analyze for all of them, this kind of discovery would not work, at least not faithfully.

We wholeheartedly concur that people should, as a culture, continue to train the masses and raise consciousness it is never on the sufferer to prevent assault, and that rape is never acceptable. But we still see this as a part of the right path, and another precaution girls may take to defend themselves. Call it a necessary evil. Just like a can of mace stowed in your purse, all of the time, all possible attackers would never be thwarted by wearing a drug detecting nail polish.
However whilst the world figures itself out, what damage can there be in a nail polish that may help prevent an attack before it begins? Hopefully this future merchandise will soon be able enough to change the perpetrators the anxiety from the victims, developing a danger which they may really start to get found, wrote co creator Tyler Confrey Maloney on Undercover Shades Facebook page. The team continues to be undergoing testing, and early in the, phase R&D according to Confrey Maloney. Perhaps there is hope that the team may continue to improve the formula, but that can even be beside the level. Regardless, what they are doing has started a more extensive discussion about sexual assault.