How to die eyelashes and eyebrows at home

Eyelash tinting is a procedure wherein vegetable dye is applied onto the eyelashes. Girls who decide to get their eyelashes tinted want to prevent wearing mascara. Eyelash tints typically requires about 20 minutes to perform and last up to six weeks.

Girls with lashes that are really light might find tinted eyelashes really good and which dont require after care, plus they look natural without any running like “mascara in a swimming pool”. However, some girls have allergy to the tints. Despite claims to be vegetable-based, some tints are discovered to include coal and pitch. There is some risk of injury to the eye, and tints can stain the skin. These tend to be more dangerous than having the process done in a salon while home kits can be found for eyelash tinting.
WebMD provides various propositions for coloring both though dyeing eyebrows and eyelashes is possibly dangerous. Have a well-trained stylist at home, or dye your lashes and eyebrows safely.

Assemble supplies needed, including the required dye, a mascara wand for a water source or use and eye drops for post-use attention. Remove contact lenses, if appropriate. Use a toner beneath your eyes to maintain the dye from staining your skin.
Brush on the dye.
Make use of the mascara wand to brush semi permanent dye onto the eyelashes. Use with great care, preventing the eyes and surrounding skin. Prevent double dipping to decrease the possible infection risk. Wipe off deposit after 3 to five minutes of use. Use another wand to affix the semi permanent colour to your eyebrows. Wipe leftover deposit after 10 to 20 minutes off.
Supply post-dyeing care for the eyes and surrounding place
Use saline solution to eyes to reduce susceptibility. Refrain from exfoliating alpha hydroxy agents around the eyes in order to keep up continuing colour or using cleansers such as glycolic acid. Add mascara for stronger colour. Following the dye wears off in one to 3 months, re-apply if needed,.