Volume Eyelash Extensions Cambridge

All you need to know about the Russian volume eyelash extensions.

The Russian volume eyelashes is the latest trend that has taken by storm the eyelash extension industry. It is also known as XD volume lashes, with “X” representing numbers 1, 2,3,4,5 and 6 as per the number of extensions the client needs added on her natural eyelashes. These lashes are absolutely stunning and they involve the application of silk or mink eyelash extensions using diverse application methods where 1-6 lightweight extensions are applied to each natural eyelash creating a soft and fluffy look as desired.

As the name Russian volume eyelash suggests, this form of extension originated from Russia where pioneers tried to outdo the former classic extensions which had various health impacts on individuals. They were to achieve this by creating extremely lightweight eyelashes with a diameter of 0.05-0.07 mm as opposed to earlier extensions which were quite heavy with a diameter of 0.15-0,20 mm. These Russian eye lashes made it possible to add these light weight eyelashes to the natural eyelash without causing damage to the natural eyelashes.

The Russian volume eyelash extensions are usually hand made on the spot as per the request of the clients. The procedure of making these lashes is delicate and intricate as it involves the technician making a bouquet of lashes and then fanning out the multiple lashes using tweezers before attaching them to the client’s natural lashes.

The term XD which as earlier said represents numbers 1, 2,3,4,5 and 6 as per the client needs to form 1D, 2D, 3D etc. is used to indicate the number of extensions that are to be added per each natural eyelash. In 1D one eyelash extension is to be added, 2D requires the addition of two extensions and this goes all the way to 6D where six extensions are added to one strand of natural eyelash.

The big question here on people’s minds is, how can placing so many extensions on my lashes not cause damage? The answer is quite fascinating since despite the extensions being many in number they are very light weight and thus causes less strain on the natural eyelashes. Some simple mathematics is applied here in that a 3D fan is equivalent to 0.12 mm lash which is less than the 0.15 mm extensions commonly used as classic extension which causes strain on the natural eyelashes. In the Russian volume eyelashes the 6D eyelashes are the largest with an equivalent of 0.20 mm and thus this set is recommended for people with large eyelashes.

There are various benefits associated with the Russian volume eyelashes which include the following:

(1)They are long lasting in nature.

(2)Russian volume extension makes it possible to give full voluminous sets of eyelashes even to those with sparse natural eyelashes.

(3)They are smooth, fluffier and with multidimensional extensions as compared to the classic extensions.

Russian volume eyelashes as most popular as bridal lashes and among those who want to infill their appointments as much as possible.

These eyelash extensions have an attractive look only when they are made by an expert. By their becoming popular especially among the youths, most technicians have resolved to giving these services even without prior experience and training and the results are not desirable at all. When looking for a technician to work on your eyelashes always ensure that he or she has got enough skills and experience in this sector for you to have the desired outcome.

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