Nail Extension Types

Here is the Types of nail extensions and gel polish for you to compare yourself and choose the best!

Three main types of nail enhancements, or extensions, exist, each of which can make bitten, ugly nails appear long and beautiful. How realistic – and ultimately attractive – they look is largely down to the skill of the nail artist.

Acrylic: Powder and liquid are mixed together to make a fake nail that is stuck on top of your own nail, then sculpted into shape. These are the most hard-wearing of all nails and are good for women who work with their hands, such as waitresses, typists etc.

UV Gel: Gel that is of a honey-like consistency is applied to the nails then set under a UV lamp. More flexible than acrylic nails. has no odor throughout the application. Very light and natural looking results.

Wraps: Suitable for people who already have strong nails but want to make them even stronger. A type of resin glue is applied to fabric, silk, fiberglass or other substance, then put onto the nail itself and shaped.

Nail Art

Sometimes having longer nails isn’t enough. Some people like to have their (usually acrylic) nails festooned with sparkles, studs, drawings, painting and glitter. Nail art, literally painting decorative designs on finger and toenails, is becoming increasingly popular, whether to brighten up a special occasion outfit or to make a daily statement.

The key to having beautiful nail art is to start with beautiful nails. If yours are bitten down to the quick, apply acrylic ones first. Once they are shaped and sculpted, apply a neutral base then start drawing your chosen design with a fine-tipped brush. Cheaters can buy pre-made stick-on gems and other designs, smarter cheaters (with more cash to spare) can have everything done for them by a professional.

Once you have a design you are happy with, apply a clear coat of polish every two – three days to protect it. It’s also recommended to wear gloves if you need to perform a task that could harm your nails, or the design. It’s all up to you! And don’t start going crazy with the nose picking…