Home nail manicures Cambridge

Top Tips for Do-It-Yourself Home Manicures

If we could all give yourself perfect home manicures effortlessly and painlessly, there would be no need to visit a manicurist. Unfortunately, the vast majority of us end up with badly painted chipped polish on top of chipped and uneven nails. But if you don’t have the cash to visit your local nail salon, follow these tips to avoid an at-home manicure mess:

* Never use a tissue to take off old polish – unless you want tiny bits of tissue ruining the look of your hands. A cotton ball will do the trick much better.

* File your nails into either square or rounded shapes – acquiring a square look is a lot easier for novices, unless you prefer nails that are uneven and lopsided.

* Soften nails with either a special nail cream or soak them in warm water for several minutes. If you are doing a pedicure, you might want to get started immediately after a warm bath.

* Press cuticles back with a special stick you can buy cheaply from any drugstore. Cutting them is not recommended for health and hygiene reasons.

* A base coat is recommended, especially if you go for the darker shades, which over time can discolor nails. Then apply two coats of color, followed by a top coat.

* Splashing out on a top-quality nail polish can be a good idea. Cheaper ones can be clumpy and lumpy, and may also chip faster.

* Children will love quick-drying nail polish – looks a lot better than smudged nails!

* Always moisturize your hands afterwards for best effect. And if you don’t have time to apply fresh polish, take off the old one and have naked, clean nails – looks a lot better than chipped, flakey ones!

Putting the “Man” Back Into Manicure

Women are not the only people who can benefit from a decent manicure. While the vast majority of men would balk at having long nail extensions or hot pink nail polish, a discreet manicure can work a world of wonder on their hands.

Usually the hands are massaged with moisturizer, the cuticles pushed back and the nails trimmed and shaped, then buffed to a dull matte finish. Some men like a thin coating of clear polish, others prefer to go ”au naturel”.