Cambridge Beauty Studio – Festive Season Beauty Tips to look your best this Christmas


The festive season is upon us, bringing with it an active social calendar filled with reasons to get dressed up and rock glamorous makeup. Regardless if you’re becoming prepared for the office bash or fete with pals, we’ve a look at the beauty and hair tricks to help keep you looking your very best this Christmas…

Master the smokey eye

December is certainly the season to catch some sparkly eye shadow or charcoal eyeliner for glamor and glitz. The key is to mix – use a softer shade in the corner of your eye as you work your way out, and add the darker colours.

Look following your locks

All hair types may endure during winter from the continuous changing involving the chilly exterior to the heat inside. The change in temperatures dries your hair out, thus start using moisturising conditioner – once a week use a deep-state hair mask for additional radiance.

Get a healthy glow

With all those winter layers you can find yourself losing your summer tan, but in case you desire a natural luminescence choose to get a fake suntan that is slow to slowly develop the colour to get a natural finish.

Keep skin moisturised

Winter may be serious on the skin because the atmosphere dries out it, that might cause problems like psoriasis and eczema that may flare up. Make specific to drink more water while your skin remains moist and moisturise.

Exfoliate your lips
Keep your lips looking luscious by exfoliating on a regular basis and healthy this celebration season. Just combine brown sugar with honey and rub on your lips to get a natural, fast fix.

Choose trouble-free curls that are glamorous

Every season has tendencies that are distinct, but you can never FAIL with tumbling tousled curls. Heated rollers are a simple method of reaching this classic beauty look, plus they could be worn while you roll your Christmas gifts for simple multitasking!

Get a manicure

If you’re travelling throughout the united kingdom to see relatives, or running from party to party; always have time to pop to a salon to top up your manicure. Gel nails make a fantastic choice as they will last from Christmas to New Year’s Eve without chipping – pick a color that is wintery like plum to get a stylish look.

Practice contouring

It’s not the easiest of makeup tricks so make sure to practice before you hit at the office bash. For additional radiance concentrate on the highlight facet for a fresh-faced glow.