Cambridge Eyelash Extensions : everything you need to know about eyelash extensions



Wonderful creation is those “eyelash extensions”. All we need to do is be pampered by professional eyelash technician and our all make up worries are wiped away. But here is still some questions everyone is curious about:

Eyelash extensions common questions of most of the clientele and a quick explanation to their answers them.

What to know before hand of your eyelash extension appointment

Arrive 10 minutes earlier to fill out consent form. Make sure you have no make up on you lashes as left make up residue on your lashes can cause eyelash extension to fall out and not stick.

Its Not painful and your natural lashes wont be damaged

That is if, your tech is proficient and certified. The catchiest part of eyelash use is the isolation technique: bonding each lash extension to only one natural lash, and ensuring no little fuzzy infant lashes get caught because of adhesion. Real eyelashes will fall off collectively, naturally, at some stage, and you do not need to worry. Additionally to the individual lash extensions is  classic, many salons offer volume eyelashes, wherein three hand-made lashes that are thinner are applied to a one natural lash.

By hand eyelash technician makes volume lashes right into a miniature fan. It is a shorter, more fluffy, more total look that’s much more compact in the time that’s lash, as opposed to the longer, piecey look of the classic choice. The volume strategy does not add additional weight to each lash that’s natural since the length and diameter of the hand-made lashes is smaller. No matter the ability of the artist that’s lash, you do, nevertheless, would like to give your eyes an occasional break. Every 6 to 8 months to clean your eyelashes and complete removal is recommended. Just to let the natural curl that gets flattened from the weight of the lash extensions to rest over time by having a break of 7 weeks if possible.

Its a time consuming beauty procedure.

Very detailed especially  when extending eyelashes by “volume” eyelash technique, it involves real practice for eyelash tech and takes time. Very precised work. Full set classic eyelash extensions would take around 1.3H while full set volume eyelashes can take up to 2.3H. Refills of these lashes vary depending on how long client been waiting to gel lashes infill. Refills can take up to 1.3H.

How long do eyelash extensions last?

With aftercare and proper care eyelashes can last very long time. Volume eyelash extensions– 7 weeks and classic eyelash extensions up to-4 weeks. The average person sheds about-5 lashes per day.

Eyelash extension aftercare

Do not get them wet till the following day. After that you will need to clean your lashes once in the morning and once during the night. It is best to get a wash that is lash your stylist provides. We do not think about it regularly, but our eyelids get greasy and dirty throughout the day. Lightly wash base and the eyelids of the lashes twice. Do not get a facial or visit with a spa where steam will be in your face until each day or so after the appointment since the adhesive can loosen. My lashes blow dried on a low, cool setting lightly combed them with lash wands and after showering. My lashes had minimal side effect and seemed quite great. Attempt to sleep on your back in the event you can.

Finally, do not rub your eyes!.