Manicure Cambridge: which nail shape is right for you?

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Do you know the nail shape that is perfect for your own manicure? Find five different nail shapes and how to file them.

Elipse/ Oval
The tapered side walls of the Oval shape create an elegant look for females. Oblong shapes add span with a point that is graceful, and flatter both narrow and broad nail beds. To achieve the oval contour that is perfect: file side walls to ensure they are even. Subsequently, form the side walls into a round oval, making same angles and even on every side.

With powerful side walls round or with sharp corners, this shape is perfect for classic French manicure. The square nail shape is excellent for a larger nail bed (it tends to make smaller nail beds look shorter and broader). File the side walls right, to create this classic shape and ensure they are perpendicular to the free edge of the nail. Angle your nail file once you have got the perfect square shape and bevel the nail.

Square Ellipse (Squoval)
Joining the sophistication of the Squoval shape with the strength of the square, the squoval is a popular nail shape which contour most fingers. First start with a square with side walls that are even and straight. Till your free edge is rounded and beveled file the corners.

As likely the most old-fashioned nail shape which contours of the group, the round shape is excellent for men and those who like to keep nails that are short. This shape is flattering for nails that are broad, and gives the illusion of a thinner nail bed. File the side walls straight like a square nail shape, then round the edges that is free into that swooping ring that is perfect.

The nail that is pointed is a popular design for nail and acrylic art designs, especially in Asia and Eastern Europe. This avantgarde contour nail shape is popular among stars— Lady and Fergie Gaga are constantly rocking it! And this extreme contour can in fact slenderize and lengthen the fingers, while it is not favored for the every day look. File the side walls equally till you have reached the desired point and taper.

Determining Your Contour
How do you determine which nail shape is right for you? In case your nail beds are not narrow, attempt a squoval shape. Attempt a sharp square contour shape to widen and strengthen if they are narrow. If you keep nails that are short, a round contour can be your best bet for low-care fashion. You may even look at the lunula (the half moon shape on your nail bed) for nail-formation guidance. When it’s more arch, attempt round or egg-shaped shapes. You are better off forming your nails sq or squoval when it’s level.