Eyelash Extensions and Aftercare in Cambridge and Cambridgeshire


We have seen women celebrities flutter with fabulous eyelashes. This is should not only be for celebrities, every woman deserves to look good and feel good about themselves. Women nowadays don’t have all the time to sit and spend half their morning applying fake eyelashes daily. This is the main reason why lash extensions have gained popularity in the recent years. Some of the most popular lash extensions include have mink as the most elegant.

At first, mink lashes were gotten from small endangered animals known as the minks. The animal could be brushed gently and fur harvested from it. Even today this still happens. Though with advanced technology, factories have been able to produce artificial fur, which almost resembles the natural fur.

The mink lashes are preferred over the other synthetic lash extensions because they produce a fuller and longer lash. They also are awesomely light, thus the natural lash stays on for longer without breaking. They also also soft and curl easily giving every woman a great natural look. Mink lashes are available in different types, lengths and thicknesses. This requires your expert to advise you on what length and thickness will naturally suit your eyes, complexion and natural lashes.

For the natural mink, the animals are actually not harmed so no worry about their safety. The fur is also sterilized to make it hypoallergic. Unlike the artificial lashes, mink lashes do not contain chemicals and dye’s that often times cause eye irritations. They also do not harm the natural lashes if they are maintained correctly.

Tips To Make Your Mink Extensions Last Longer
1. Keep the lashes dry for the first 24 hours after getting the treatment
2. Avoid makeup removers that are oil based.
3. Avoid products that contain “Glycol” because it is the one used to remove the lashes. Otherwise, you will lose them on the first attempt.
4. Avoid twisting, rubbing, or plucking your lashes.
5. Avoid curling your lashes.
6. If some of the lashes cross over as they naturally do, use a toothpick to separate them.

The lashes can stay up to 3 months, but due to the growth of the natural lashes on which they are mounted on, they too fall with them. This creates a need to have a retouch after every two to three weeks after the initial treatment. initial application of the lashes takes about two hour of work and it is always wise to talk to your expert to book for attendance before time. Mink lash extensions may cost more than the other extensions, but they have that natural look and natural feeling.

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