Volume Eyelash Extensions Cambridge – Tips and Aftercare

Beautiful woman face. Perfect makeupNot everybody is born with extremely thick and long, beautiful eyelashes. Fortunately, just because you were not born with luscious lashes, does not mean you cannot have the lashes of your dreams.Long fake eyelashes can be purchased at almost any drugstore or salon, and differ in quality and material. Some lashes are made to blend in with your natural lashes, giving you a natural yet thicker and longer set of eyelashes. Others are made in every color of the rainbow with rhinestones and feathers in order to create a whimsical costume look.

You do not have to go to a salon or an eyelash application professional to put on your store bought lashes. It is relatively simple to apply fake eyelashes at home with just a little practice. Before applying the lashes you should cut them to make them fit your lash line from the inner corner of your eye to the outer.

If the fake lashes are extra long and you want more of a natural look, you can trim the length of the individual lashes to match the length of your own, or slightly longer. This will make your eyelashes look thicker without giving you absurdly long lashes. Remember to leave the lashes a little longer on the part the will be glued to the outer corner of your eye; this is how your natural eyelashes grow.

Dab some of the extra strength eyelash glue on your hand and rub the adhesive part of the fake eyelashes on it. Let it sit for a moment before applying it, because if the glue is too runny it could get into your eye. You can even blow on the glue for a moment to speed up the process.

It is best to handle your fake eyelashes using a pair of tweezers because you can get a better grip with better precision. Fake eyelashes should be touching your lash line with very little space in between. The further your fake lashes are from where your natural lashes grow, the more unnatural they will look.

Once you have used your tweezers to set your fake lashes down in the correct place, you must push down on the lashes so the glue will hold. If you have a friend with you, have them blow on the glue to quicken the drying process. If your fake lashes are not placed perfectly on your lash line, and the glue has dried, do not worry; there are ways to disguise your lack of precision.

An important step in making your fake lashes look more authentic is wearing mascara. The wet mascara will make your row of fake lashes stick to your natural lashes, making them look thicker and fuller. You can use an eyelash curler, but only after you are sure the glue is dry.

Fill in the extra space (if there is any) between your natural lash line and your False Eyelashes with some dark eye shadow or liquid eyeliner. Liquid eyeliner will allow you to get into the tiny space that separates the two rows of lashes, making them appear to be one. For the crazier lashes that come in all sorts of colors, you do not have to worry so much about using mascara or eyeliner, because everyone knows the feathers and rhinestones on your lashes are not natural.