Indiviual Eyelash Extensions History

Beautiful woman face

As our hair replenishes itself after it falls, so are our eyelashes. We lose one eyelash everyday like our hair. For people who have those long beautiful eyelashes wouldn’t find this to be problematic to battle. But, for people who coat their eyelashes with mascara to make it look longer, it is an issue to be tackled. 

Eyelash extensions have been in use since the late 90s and were actually introduced by the Chinese who actually have a genetic problem of shorter eyelashes. Nowadays, it’s not only so popular among the stars like Nicole Kidman and Jennifer Lopez; it’s also popular among many young and old women alike. Though there are eyebrow extensions available, people prefer eyelash extensions as they give a very natural look if it’s attached to the original eyelashes. This additional beauty product makes the already present eyelashes look thicker and lushly.

This beauty product not only gives a fuller and thicker look to the eyes, but also gives an enlarged look which helps in attracting people’s attention. People with drooping eyelids can also use this product, which would give them a younger and fresher looking face.

There are many different kinds of eyelashes available in the market. But, to choose the best product one should completely understand the cycle of eyelashes. Like the hair on one’s body, the eyelashes too are formed genetically, because of which many people do not have long ones. And, moreover, these lashes fall down like the hair and take its own pace to re-grow. So at such times, people have to opt for those fake ones available in the market. But, while going for fake ones, it is said that anyone with a pair of tweezers and glue can do it. But if it’s not done carefully, then there is a possibility of landing up with none of the lashes on the eyes. So choosing the best eyelashes and the best aesthetician or specialist is really essential.

There are two kinds of fake ones available in the market- the false eyelashes and the eyelash extensions. False eyelash is a reproduction of complete eyelash which can be glued to the eyelids at the bottom of the eyelashes and can be easily peeled off; the eyelash extension is a series of individual eyelashes that can be glued in between the present eyelashes which would last for at least 4 weeks.

These false and extension products are usually made out of synthetic or natural hair. Synthetic lashes are less expensive and can be easily differentiated by their shiny and stiffer appearance. The natural hair lashes are usually made from mink’s hair and look flawlessly real in appearance.

Mink is a carnivorous animal and have a very short hair on their body. The hair from their body is brushed off without harming them and then processed, sterilized and are made as eyelashes. These lashes are usually weight less and are considered to be the best alternative, as they give a real look which any woman would want. If one wants to buy extensions, then she would require at least 80 individual hairs to get a fuller and desired look. The false ones are available in trays with a minimum of 12 rows and are available in various lengths and diameters.The price of these will vary depending on the type, size and diameter you choose.