Semi-permanent eyelashes or Permanent lashes?

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Have you ever secretly dreamt of possessing those dreamy, long eyelashes but are stuck with stubby ones? And you have no patience with false eyelashes which must be taken off every time you put it on? Then you are the right candidate for permanent eyelash extensions which will not only give you those long, fluttering eyelashes but they will be grafted on to you permanently.

Permanent false lashes can be got by undergoing a type of hair transplant which involves taking the hair from the head and grafting it on the eyelids. Since the hair follicles are being transplanted as well, the result is permanent and no further surgery is required. There is no need to have new eyelash extensions or apply false eyelashes.

In the Permanent Eyelashes Extensions process, hair is taken from your head and grafted along the eyelashes line. The effect is permanent and you don’t need to visit the surgeon or the salon again. The hair keeps growing like normal hair. The entire process takes about a couple of hours and the effect is immediate and lustrous.

This option is a good alternative for extensions that are fake or semi permanent, which is why it costs more. If you choose this option, things would just go on normally once the procedure is done. The major difference of this method from other options is the way it will make your face look stunning since your lashes will be fuller, more attractive, thicker, and darker. After you are done with the procedure, you would not be spending money anymore on synthetic extensions since the surgeon is going to attach your natural hair taken from your scalp.

Furthermore, you do not need to wake up early in the day to apply fake eyelashes just for you to get to work on time. Also, you do not have to buy curlers, adhesives, or spend extra money every 3 to 8 weeks to get a touch up. This surgical procedure allows you to get the same looks when you are wearing temporary or fake eyelashes. If you could afford it, having permanent eyelash extensions is definitely a great idea to look beautiful.

Many prominent people like celebrities in the UK and in abroad are following this trend. This form of cosmetic surgery will not take up a lot of your time. If you have decided to undergo this type of procedure, make sure that you choose a certified and qualified surgeon to do it. Always remember that eyes are very delicate and it will be damaging to you if the people who will perform the surgery use unsanitary or unprofessional practices.

Since this is exclusively a clinical procedure, you should be careful and not accept any offers by regular beauticians to this the job for you. Normally, they only deal with using adhesives and man-made extensions, but they do not transplant a live graft to your eyelid. To avoid any undesirable side effects, the clinical surgery must be done accurately and thoroughly. As maintenance, you need to trim the lashes every now and then because permanent extensions grow like natural hair.