My date and worries: written by Evita one of Instabeauty clients in Cambridge

on this particular evening, I was tired, stressed out I couldn’t wait to jump into my bed and take a rest
then I remembered I had a date. so i jumped into the shower and soon I was perusing my wardrobe for the best outfit!
so I was all dolled up and was now at the door getting into my six inch heels. But something caught my attention, it was my toe nails, shockingly unkempt. They were an eyesore. oh, and my finger nails were no better with worn out polish
This girl was not going to meet her date looking like this with my nails resembling those of animals in Jurassic park
so I fumbled for my phone to contact my salon but could not seem to get their contacts .
why don’t I do a quick do-it-yourself manicure and pedicure ?
so moved with speed , the best way I know how
my date was getting anxious , he had made two calls already , because his date was two hours late
so on the third call I promised him to be there in the next ten minutes
so in a huff I grabbed my hand bag and keys and dashed out of the door
unknowingly, this beauty has stained her white beautiful evening gown with her fleshly applied red nail polish.
I did not notice it,until my date pointed it out to me. You can imagine the look on my my face.
I cannot get myself to go out on a second date with him , still trying to recover from the embarrassment
From this day I promised myself that I shall seek the services of a mobile salon and specifically a mobile nail salon
Perhaps like me you are too busy to take care of your beauty needs
Perhaps you have for a long time neglected you body’s beauty regime
Perhaps like me you have had an embarrassing moment which could have been avoided if you had the services of a mobile nail salon bringing their services to your door step and giving you flexibility, convenience and customisation?
Perhaps the mobile nail salon could have saved me the embrassment and perhaps earned me a second date
Could it be just like in my case the traditional brick and mortar salons, are too crowded for your liking with too many mouths talking and spreading the town’s latest gossip?
Could it be like me your beauty regime should be accompanied by some privacy and comfort which can only be provided by mobile nail salons?

Written by Evita Marylebone Instabeauty client and blogger