Permanent eyelash extensions are technically eyelash implants

Beautiful woman blonde portrait face close up studio on white

Some people are on the never-ending hunt for a permanent solution to their lash short-comings. While there have been advances in the beauty world when it comes to lash extensions, these often come with a hefty price. The most simple and inexpensive route is false eyelashes, but while they can be fun to mix up an evening look, some people still prefer a more long lasting outcome. More recently permanent lash extensions have become more popular among the beauty community, but are they worth the hype and the price tag that comes along with them?

Permanent eyelash extensions are technically eyelash implants, sounds scary but really it’s quite simple and resemble a standard hair loss solution. The process begins by removing shorter hairs from the back of a hairline and trimmed down to the length of your desirable lashes. After they are cleaned, curled and shaped they are ready for implanting. This is a much more lasting dramatic effect that isn’t only reserved for those who want extra volume, its a great option for people who have suffered from hair loss, which can extend to their lashes.
So how much does it cost? Cost can be broken down by two different sections; quantity and quality. Some salons in London charge up to £130 for the first step. Research also shows that some lower rated salons charge as little as £89, or course this is also a base arte for the first step. What does this mean? Much like other beauty implants and regiments there is a lot of upkeep that goes into it. Think of it much like a nail service, You pay a base rate for a set of false nails and then from there you have to make bi-weekly appointments to fill and maintain your new found claws. In the same spirit you have to fill and maintain permanent lash extensions. Lashes, much like hair grow out and fall out so some upkeep will be needed to keep them long and lush. Consider the more expensive London salon I quoted a price from, to fill the lashes in the 2nd and 3rd week it costs £80 and £90 in the 4th and 5th week.
So is it worth the price? You have to weight your options against how badly you need or want this improvement. While temporary solutions seem more desirable, they come with a lot of hidden cost as well.. Let’s say you wear false lashes everyday, and each set last 3 days. That’s three sets of lashes a week not including lash glue, tweezers, glue and lash curlers. In a few months you could have paid for your base set of permanent eyelash extensions. Permanent lashes extension price will run you £300 for the first month. No longer worrying about losing a fake lash at a dinner date or running to the store for more glue can give you peace of mind, and peace of mind is priceless.