mobile eyelash extensions cambridge

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Eyelash extensions are a beauty treatment that is growing so fast in the UK and also internationally. It might seem to be time consuming to put on fake lashes. They might not even guarantee to stay the whole day. This can be avoided by trying the semi permanent individual eyelash extensions. They are a revolutionary eyelash treatment that is so new and that transforms lashes into thicker, curlier, longer lashes that are natural looking.

The procedure for the application of semi permanent individual eyelash extensions is quite different from the well-known traditional false extensions. It is done in a better way whereby lashes are applied each one by itself so as to create a fuller and a longer eyelash. After singling out an eyelash, a synthetic lash is attached on top of the natural eyelash by the use of glue. These synthetic lashes do not damage the natural lash and they are also weightless. So as to avoid contact of either the lash or the glue to the skin, the attachment is made one millimeter away from the eyelid. One hour or more can be consumed for the whole procedure with another one hour for touch ups. It is a time consuming procedure since every lash is handled at a time.
It is only the trained professionals that can/should do this procedure. It cannot be messed up with. The patients are advised not to open their eyes without giving a notice. This is because of the sharp tweezers that are used for the installation.
– They are time saving since appointments are reduced and the daily beauty maintenance is not much required.
– The results are superior and give a relaxing treatment that is luxurious and that lasts.
– They feel weightless and also natural. They also protect the natural lashes.
– The procedure is comfortable and relaxing
– The products are tested and also proven.
– They last up to 3 months if well maintained.
– The lashes should be kept dry for the next 36 hours after the treatment is done
– Steam rooms or saunas should be avoided for 24 hours after the treatment.
– Waterproof mascaras should be avoided.
– Eyelash curlers should also be avoided.
– Eyes should not be rubbed.
– If need be that the lashes need to be removed, a trained technician should be the only one to do so.
The only way to get rid of fake lashes is by trying semi permanent individual eyelash extensions. Having those extensions will aid so much in stopping the rush and the fuss every morning. It is in them that you will feel better and confident every day in all occasions.