Plastic surgery and permanent lash extensions

Beautiful woman face

Women and beauty are inseparable. They would go to any extent to enhance their looks – explaining why plastic surgery has taken the world by storm, especially in recent years. The modern woman is constantly seeking ways to improve her look and this includes the eyes. Take for instance the issue of lash extensions. While the majority of women choose to use temporary eyelashes, there is another segment in search of permanent ones. The hunger for beauty exhibited by the contemporary woman is simply astounding.

Anyway, at what point should one opt for permanent lash extensions? Are they really worth the money and the effort involved? One of the advantages related to this option is its ability to enhance the growth as well as the length of the eyelashes.


What exactly are permanent eyelash extensions? For starters, it is worth noting that they are popular amongst women from all walks of life. Interested persons may opt for the surgical approach to obtain fuller and longer eyelashes. This procedure entails transplanting hair follicles from the hair on your body. The transplanted hair follicles are trimmed and also curled on a regular basis to maintain healthy lashes.


Just like other forms of transplants, expect the procedure to last a couple of hours as there is a need to transplant the newest and healthiest lashes. Of course, permanent eyelashes are far more convenient than temporary and semi-permanent extensions. However, one must be prepared to dig deep into her pocket to undergo a single transplant. Of course, the cost will differ considerably between surgeons. The most reputable and experienced surgeons will certainly charge more money compared to a person who only have a couple of years of experience.


It is important to realize that eyelash transplant is performed under local anaesthesia. Usually, hair is derived from the back of the scalp and then transplanted to your eyelids. Your surgeon will take approximately 20 to 30 hairs and trim them to make them relatively short, and then curl them to take the shape of natural eyelashes. To avoid constant curling, the majority of women prefer to perm the lashes.


Is eyelash transplant for me?

Typically, anyone who desires to have thicker and longer eyelashes can have this kind of transplant. Also, individuals whose lashes are constantly falling off should probably consider getting permanent lash extensions. Women who have lost their lashes to chemotherapy also have this option at their disposal. Finally, patients who have recovered from trichomoniasis can also take advantage of permanent lash implants.


Nowadays, a lot of doctors are performing this type of surgery. Of utmost importance is to choose an experienced and reliable surgeon. You may begin by checking his or her credentials to see if he can perform a successful implant. This will be a significant contribution in preventing adverse effects – a common occurrence in instances when the surgery is conducted by an inexperienced patient. Your surgeon should discuss the possible risks and complications associated with permanent lash implants.