Why its important for beauticians to wear protective face masks: Cambridge Beauticians

Protective face mask

Nail technicians are exposed to a lot of threats when doing manicures and pedicures, acrylic extensions,eyelash extensions, etc.. due to the amount of chemical and fumes they are exposed to daily.

A mask helps in reducing the amount of these vapors and stenches that a nail tech is exposed to everyday. Nail workers who are either giving the primary or traditional services are also exposed to the different chemical that come with the job status such as nail polish while giving pedicures in a close proximity range in a poorly ventilated space can be hazardous to the individuals. This could cause harmful effects but it is hard to know how these chemicals harm the body because of the evaluations that can’t view the substances comprehensively. Nail workers who protect themselves with a face mask may have a hard time dealing with clients who think why you’re protecting yourself but remember you are left exposed. Let’s figure out ways of providing answers to them so as to relax their tension. There also a few ways of knowing how each chemical affects nail workers.

All nail technicians should wear masks while filing. Although dusts masks have gotten a bad rap in the industry. They’re often associated with salons using MMA liquids, most dust masks do zilch to protect users from inhaling MMA vapors. However, they are very beneficial when used during file.

Disposable dusts masks are inexpensive (about 16 cents each for the most basic one), light, and easy to put on. You can use them several times and then simply throw them away. There are various types of masks, including ones that also block the inhalation of vapors. As for clients’ potential fear when they see you wearing one, it’s a simple matter of education. Tell them your wearing it because you work with these products all day and that the body isn’t designed to inhale any dust for long periods.

With some prodding from nail technicians, the nail manufacturers council has modified its update for Nail Technicians: Methyl Methacrylate as of September as to soften its statement about a connection between mask and MMA usage. While not conclusive, those who use these products MMA often wear dust mask and not only in the field of nail polish but also doctors and surgons use these when going into the operating room for them not to either contaminate themselves or even others and especially the body they are working on.

Lets see how we can reinvent the mask so that every nail worker can be provided with ways of how they can easily protect themselves.