bottAny aspiring mobile nail technician should make it their first priority to acquire a nail technician station or manicure table as it’s more commonly known. The many aspects that come along with nail aesthetics including the priming of nails and removal of nail polish are tedious and meticulous and require a professional workstation to achieve the best results.

Having a client lean on a regular kitchen while you conduct the various procedures is very unprofessional especially given the fact that there are a wide range of portable nail technician stations available in the market today that are affordable and could make your a work a whole lot easier. For starters, having a manicure table provides you with plenty of room to not only do your job easily and adequately, but to also place all your supplies in case you need them. This is further improved by the inbuilt storage and sectioning feature in the table which ensures that all the supplies you need are within easy reach which consequently makes your work smoother and more organized. The advantage of this is that all your attention will now be directed at doing your job efficiently. The added bonus of this station is that it also makes provides comfort for your client as it comes with an armrest which facilitates relaxation.

Many nail technician stations also come with an extractor fan which will provide a better experience for both you and your client. There are very few people out there, both clients and technicians alike, who don’t find the dust and chemicals emitted during a manicure irritating. An extractor fan solves that problem for you by getting rid of these chemicals hence ensuring that neither you nor your clients are irritated. This is by far one of the most beneficial reasons why you need a manicure table. The good news is most portable manicure tables come with one.

Another advantage that comes with a good portable nail station is that the surface is chemical proof. This comes in handy as the process of cleaning up a regular table after a manicure can be tedious and time-consuming. Time you’d rather spend doing something else. The chemical-proof surface in a manicure table is in contrast very easy to clean and takes a very short while to do so. Last but not least, a nail technician table speaks volumes about your professionalism and will go a long way in building your reputation as an excellent nail technician.