Nail extensions near me: Types of Nail extensions

Dipping the brush in nail polishesWomen are spoilt for options when they go buying nail accessories and nail care products. Women and their love for long nails are not new, and they have been adding that extra length to their talons for years now. There are lots of nail extension samples and techniques available today that can not only add artificial length to your nails though they also help in the growth of the natural nails.


This article throws light on few of such nail extension types:
Acrylic nails: This is one of the most popular types of nail extensions in the beauty industry. These are made up of liquid monomer and powder polymer. Both of these together form a hardened layer over the nail that gets harder as it comes in contact with air. When the nail grows to a steady base, you can paint them with any color you want. For this type of nail extension, you need first to clean and shape your original nails followed by buffing and working on the epidermises when the acrylic extensions is applied on the nails.
Gel Nails: You can use gel either over the artificial nail or on the natural nail to get them firm and to promote their growth. It is applied in layers, and the nails are treated with UV light within each layer to be sure that the nails are hard yet flexible. These artificial nails will give your nails a gleaming touch and are also proficient of resisting chips and breakage. This type of nail extension is ideally used by those who have very short nails since they help in getting nails stronger.
Fiberglass/silk wraps : A good alternative to both the prior types of nails is fiberglass or silk nail wraps. In this type of nail extensions, fiberglass or silk is applied on the natural nails and stuck to the nails using glue. No wonder the fiberglass and silk wrap option isn’t much attractive due to the availability of other much convenient options, but they are preferred by consumers who are sensitive to the chemicals used in the other two types.If you are planning to get nail extensions, keep in mind that you may have to visit your beauty salon, at least once or twice a month to get infills. During this process, your beauty technician will file the regrowth and reapply the gel or acrylic. They will be then filed and polished to make them look like new once again