Natural nails aftercare: manicure in Cambridge


You can also get nice nails with our homemade beauty tips. Our natural beauty tips will help you have perfect hands using inexpensive ingredients. Like the skin and hair, hands and nails play an important role in your overall appearance. Therefore, it is best to try to get healthy, neat and well-groomed nails. Do not miss these five nail beauty tips below to show them off better than ever!

Do not cut cuticles 

Cuticles act as a natural barrier to protect the nails against fungi and bacteria, and when they are too short, they no longer provide that protection.

Use of sparingly nail hardeners 

The reality is that nail hardeners tend to hurt. Except that your nails are extremely fragile and weak, hence, avoid the use of nail hardeners.

Avoid acetone-based polish removers 

All dermatologists seem to agree on one thing. The best thing is to avoid nail polish remover with acetone, as it helps nails become more fragile.

Avoid excessive washing 

While frequent hand washing is critical and allows us to remove bacteria and prevent diseases, however, it is very harmful for your nails if done excessively because it leaves your hands and nails dry. So it is best to limit their contact with water.

Avoid contact with cleaning products 

When you clean your home, avoid direct contact with chemicals, including detergent and acids. For that it is best to wear rubber gloves whenever possible.

Try to pay attention to your nails to grow healthy and strong. You can take biotin supplements if you feel that your nails are too fragile, and always pay attention to the colour and condition of your nails, which may indicate other diseases, for example, yellow nails indicate problems in the lungs while white nails indicate a problem in the liver.

Avoid contact with chemicals and harmful products, moisturize your hands daily and cut nails regularly. Care is the best ways of strong, healthy and beautiful nails.

Mobile Beauty Services: 

Mobile Beauty services is trending in all over Europe and US. The beauty of mobile services is its ease of use. Whether you are at home or at office or somewhere on trip. You can book your service with therapist and they will come to your doorstep to give you services you need.

InstaBeauty is a marketplace where you can book your services with your preferred beautician. We are providing a wide range of mobile services of mobile gel nails.

Here is a list of services with prices we are providing:

• Acrylic/Gel nail extensions- £22/£24

• Sculptured nails £28

• Gel Manicure (manicure included) £15

• Gel polish on toes – £15

• Gel polish removal – £5

• Natural nail overlays – £16

  • Gel Qlassic pedicure – £28
  • Nail art – from £0.10
  • Volume eyelsh extensions – £45
  • Mink individual eyelash extensions – £35