10 tips beyond the beauty of the ordinary for you: Cambridge Beauty


Here are 10 tips beyond the beauty of the ordinary for you. we have collected them to benefit from They include tips for hair, skin, make-up, etc., and the most beautiful of all, you be able to apply at home and without the need for products or cosmetics are expensive.

· Perfume your hair with your favorite perfume: If you want to get a hair smell wonderful but you do not know where to have hair fragrance, try this simple way. Sprinkle a small amount of perfume preferred to brush your hair and then comb the hair from the roots to the parties, and the locks of hair you will get your best perfume smell.

· Moist skin baby oil this winter: It is known that the winter leads to dry skin, so if you suffer from increased dry skin body this winter, add a drop of baby oil Baby Oil to launch a normal body do you use daily and will lead to an increase in moisturizing skin care them.

· Discard darkening and dryness elbows the fruit of the “Grapefruit”: If you suffer from darkening and dry elbows national first bath and peeling it using peeled usual body do you use. Then Take the fruit of grapefruit (grapefruit) and cut it into two halves and two modes on each elbow for 15 minutes, the acidity of the fruit would lead to smoother skin dry and coarse and thus the disappearance of black.

· Use powder children in areas of friction: In any area suffering from the skin friction as the area between the thighs, national status of children powder so that the region remains dry and clean.

· Avoid bathing in hot water for a long time: Yes, this may be the more advice painful for you (and us too), but try as much as possible that short period bathing in hot water or replace it with cold water be, because it is stripping the skin moisturizing natural oils that are very important to be protected.

· Test your extent of moisture / dry skin: I passed your nails gently on the skin, if you find that it left a white trace it indicates the dryness of the skin and the need for peeling first to remove dead cells and then moisturizing using creams, body moisturizing, choose a moisturizing cream containing Shea butter are high moisturizing properties and very effective.