beauty treatments cambridge: mobile beauty therapist

iStock_75970659_MEDIUM.jpgSo why should you use mobile beauty services? Why should someone come and give you an at home manicure service? You might say “no ways” straight away, but think of the time and petrol you are saving by not having to drive there and sit in the tiresome traffic, and then have to find a parking place……….yeah, right? And sometimes when you go for a manicure you can sit in a really uncomfortable straight backed chair that’s either too low or too high giving you backache, bellyache, and what all else – whereas now, if you have your nails done from the comfort of your own home, you can recline in a deck chair by the pool if you like. You can also put your feet up and have the manicurist move from your right hand side to your left hand side- what a pleasure. Then, when you get hungry and thirsty, you can ring for the butler and ……….. Yeah okay enough already?!

Having beauty services home at home is becoming quite the fashion these days. Since most salon manicurists are booked up 80 to 100% of the time, it stands to reason that many people will have to resort to having their nails done by a travelling manicurist. It has been reported that UK woman are spending £450 a year on their nails, and the trend is increasing. And more woman wear fake nails than show off their real nails. In this modern age of computers, texting, iPads and Smartphones, there is only so much wear and tear some people’s natural nails can actually take. Celebrities like Rita Ora and the girls of Geordie Shore have really brought long, red nails or pale pink nails into focus and they have become the most popular nail fashion colours.
Research has also shown that most woman feel better after they have had their nails done. In fact more woman get their nails done than their hair done – can you believe that? I suppose that you point with your nails and you use your hands a lot when talking and of course when you typing it is nice to have long red shapely nails tapping away on the key board, and of course, they can be used to great effect to scratch your boyfriend’s back, or to pry open the back of your mobile phone, maybe even to pick your teeth – lol!
Anyway, to get back to beauty tips and an at home manicure service, you would feel much better with a beauty treatment that is satisfying and delightful while generating good feelings of being spoiled and pampered – everything it is supposed to be. But, finding your own personal manicurist who suits you perfectly might take a bit more time in the long run, but it’s worth it in the end to have nails in tip top condition, in’ it?