Are Individual eylash extensions permanent?

stunning blue eyes

Lash extensions look so fantastic that more and more women want to try it. Eyelash extensions reduce the need for eye makeup and can even let you get away with an entirely natural look. It accentuates the eye and can enhance the colour, size and shape of your eyes and your face. You seem more youthful and alert, and there is no timer on your beauty, it looks as gorgeous in the morning as it does at night.

Thick, lush eyelash creates a backdrop for the perfectly polished modern look and reduces the time needed to obtain that well-groomed image. Some women feel completely naked without it, and it certainly reduces the need to dash out of bed to apply eyeliner when you sleep at a friend’s house.
You rarely need mascara, unless you want to go for a highly dramatic look, which is great news for people with allergies or who just can’t apply mascara without smudging their makeup. There’s no more lumping and clumping and struggling with the eyelash curler every morning. Eyelash extensions are perfectly curled, individual lashes that mimic your natural look, just a lot better.
We get asked often: are lash extensions permanent? The answer is “No.” Eyelash extensions are applied individually to your natural lashes using a special bonding solution. Lashes are never applied to your skin, and we take great care to preserve your natural eyelashes. Eyelashes grow and fall out in a natural cycle, and so you will need to get a fill. It is a natural and continuous process.
Each artificial lash is attached to one of your natural lashes to form a natural curve and ensure you don’t get that harsh, blunt look of fake strip lashes. They stay separate and soft to enhance your natural beauty, and we make sure we conform to your eye shape to achieve the best look. The procedure is completely safe. It is not only painless but also very relaxing. Some of our clients actually take a little nap and wake up with fantastic new lashes! Relax in your lounge or bedroom in your own home while we get to work to improve your looks and give you new confidence.
Our skilled consultants will give you a recommendation for the best solution for your eyes and face and we have a solution for every budget.
It is so convenient – you don’t have to get a babysitter to look after the kids, you don’t have to face the traffic, and you don’t have to wait for hours in a waiting room. Let us travel to you! Our lash consultants are experienced technicians with years of experience and conform to all licensing requirements.