cambridge nail spa: here is how to perform a manicure at home!

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Going for a manicure is the ultimate treat. When you want to have the perfect nails but a trip to the manicurist can’t fit in your schedule, you can still perform a home manicure. This overview highlights the steps to do a manicure at home service.

Set Up Your Work Area

Your home manicure will only look professional if you plan and prepare well. For this procedure, you will be one hand short of a pair; hence, it is wise to have all your tools ready. The items you are likely to use include nail polish remover, nail file, cuticle tool, moisturizer, gel polish, top coat among others.

Moreover, you need to choose an ideal location. Look for a flat, solid surface, which is spacious enough to accommodate your hands and supplies.

Remove the Old Polish

Using a polish remover and cotton balls, get rid of any old, chipped nail polish. The most widely used products for this step are acetone and non-acetone products. Acetone is said to work fast and is fairly priced. Other people prefer non-acetone solvents, which are less damaging to nails.

Shape and Smooth Your Nails

The right technique of trimming nails involves filing them in one direction, starting from the bottom edge to the center top. You should also alternate from one section of the nail to the other, to create a smooth, rounded curve.

Apply a Cuticle Cream

Few people remember to care for their cuticles. Cuticles play a significant role in protecting the emerging nails from infection. To have the perfect nails, you should keep your cuticles healthy. Invest in cuticle creams, which soften and rejuvenate the cuticle tissue. Before starting a manicure, apply a cuticle cream or oil.

Once you have applied the cream, reposition your cuticles by pushing them back to the base of the nails. Be sure to moisturize your hands and wipe them dry. Afterward, remove oil residues as they may prevent the nail polish from forming a permanent bond.

Apply Nail Polish

Most DIY manicurists fall off the wagon at this stage. The first layer of polish that you apply should be very thin. Allow it enough time to dry before adding any other coats of polish. After the first layer dries, add additional coats of the nail polish to create a vibrant color. Nonetheless, you should allow each coat to dry before applying another.


A manicure at home service requires that you first prepare your work area. Afterward, remove the old nail polish, shape your nails, care for the cuticles, moisturize your hands and polish away