Why to go for individual eyelash extensions

Volume eyelash extensions by Instabeauty professional Eyelash Master Technician

Long,sexy and luscious lashes are considered to be the coolest thing every woman is yearning for in today’s world. Therefore,there is no apparent reason why you should not get one. If you are afraid that the whole process of applying the eyelash extension then you are wrong since it is now possible to get them applied in just a few hours. Women with weak,thinning or maybe shorter lashes are now able to experience gorgeous full lashes every time without all that hassle of that expensive daily mantainance.

You will find eyelash extension in different lengths,colours and also thickness and you are left with the freedom of deciding on which is the perfect style for you. Each eye is supposed to receive around hundred lashes which take two hours of application time. Simply,individual lash is applied with eyelash extension using a glue like substance placed on the foundation of the lash while securing the synthetic lash. These are supposed to last for around five weeks though it is also important that you attend weekly touch up sessions for a more long lasting effect.

If you want longer eye lashes, then options are there for you to choose. Semi-permanent eyelash extension is considered to be one of the best though it is very important to get a professional expert to get it done. The sole reason for getting a proffesional expert is the he or she will give you the best advice on the right kind of eye lashes for your style. Eyelashes are known to be very sensitive,for this reason you should ensure that you choose a very comfortable and relaxing spa since they should be treated in a very delicate manner.

Most eyelash extensions will cost you between 60-100 pounds while the touch ups sessions can cost you about 50ponds in a beauty salon on average. This is absolutely fair since that price is inclusive of all technician services and all the tools and chemicals required for the application.
In order to avoid premature fall off for the lash extensions you should avoid rubbing your eyes or using oil based make ups and cleansers since they may react with glue. thee reaction will cause severe damage leading to the glue loosing hold of the extensions.

Eyelash extensions may however be limited to those women with health issues. For instance, if you have thyroid or blood disorder the chemicals may overreact in your body hence causing further complications. It is therefore advisable to make consultations wit your physician first.