Boost your confidence: individual eyelash extensions

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Eyelashes have become very popular these days. Most often, women in their venture to look pretty have to spend a lot time in the salon putting up eye extensions or rather eyelashes that do not only make them look pretty but also make the feel comfortable, attractive and flexible. eyelashes differ in type, price, material and even the mode in which they are put up.

They are even permanent and temporary eyelash. Permanent eyelashes are those designed to stay for a very long time while temporary ones are made to be worn for a few day, could be two to three days or even one week. Fake eyelash extensions are either made of silk,mink, or even synthetic hair.Their mode of application may include one by one or even some people prefer to apply themselves standing in front of a mirror. to maintain fake eyelashes, one must one should not apply any mascara. rub the eyes, use oil free make up and use eyelid cleans.eyelashes blend the eye and makes the face attractive and more glamorous. however eyelashes have negative effects and can even cause serious medical challenges but with a bit care and attentions fake eyelashes is the best way to go as far as beauty is concerned, that is with the best remedies which include using cast oil, aloe Vera , green tea, foods with a lot vitamin E, using nutritious oils, eating health, brushing your lashes massaging one eyelashes and removing or make up during the night There are two factors facts that very disappointing.

Having beautiful eyelashes is very vital in order to have glamorous eyes. It is also one of the best ways to improve beauty and become a lot more beautiful. Hollywood actors and very many other actors and celebrities spend a lot of time and cash in order to have attractive eyelashes. Using fake lashes is by far the easiest and cheapest way to achieve this much-desired look. The problem is there are certain side effects of having fake lashes including:hygiene problems: Beauty experts have always waned that fake eyelashes could cause hygiene risk problems this is because they tend to trap dust and bacterial that may be very harmful to the eyes to a point one might even become blind hence natural eyelashes are designed to protect the eye from dust and other harmful foreign materials allergic and painful reactions, fake eyelashes including other materials like glue used to apply lashes can cause adverse effects to the eye. That is even the slightest irritation could be allergic and could damage the eye. however eyelashes are fun to have and could be recommendable if used well.

There is nothing more sexy than a full makeup look with a concentration on dramatic eyes. And while a bold, smoky, eyeshadow look can help you to attain a certain amount of drama, nothing can quite do the trick as well as eyelash extensions. For decades, women have been employing this little trick to make them look fiercer, sexier and highly attractive and for good reason too; it takes under five minutes to apply the eyelash extensions that will raise your confidence through the roof for the entire day. There are a lot of different brands of eyelash extensions on the market and a plethora of different materials to choose from. One of the tried and tested all time favourite of women across the world are mink lash extensions.

This kind of eyelash extension is made out of 100 percent natural mink fur that has been treated carefully to ensure that it does not cause irritations to your skin and eyes, unlike the cheap synthetic alternatives that are available for purchase. Because mink lashes are constructed out of pure material, they have a natural shine to them and are feather light making them easy to wear all through the day. Another great thing about mink lashes is that they can be reused up to 25 times without looking clumpy and hardened which makes them a really good investment that will be worth your while. Mink eyelash extensions can be curled like real eyelashes and can hold the curl for a long time. They are also very easy to clean and very low maintenance.

The application of mink lashes can be very quick and all depends on the amount of practice that you have. With time, mink eyelashes can be applied in under five minutes which makes them a great option for busy women who do not have any time to waste but still want to look their absolute best throughout the day. The only other product that you need for the application of mink lashes is a good quality lash extension glue. A thin layer of the glue should be spread across the bone of the mink eyelash extension and it should be allowed to sit till it gets tacky. The extension should then be carefully placed on top of your natural lashes with a pair of tweezers till it is firmly attached in place. After this step, the application is done and you can step out of your door with your head held high ready to conquer the world with your fierce eyes.